Song Review: Barock Rain – “HoCho”

Barock Rain’s “HoCho” is a poignant reminder of the timeless strength of indie-rock. Imbued with nostalgic hints that harken back to the golden era of guitar-driven indie, “HoCho” is far from just another throwback anthem. Instead, it is an embodiment of the intricate balance between honoring the past and confronting the present’s complexities. The haunting baritone vocals, laden with a depth that encapsulates the collective soul-searching triggered by global adversities, further elevate the track’s intensity. Each verse unravels layers of introspection, perfectly suited for listeners searching for solace in music’s embrace.

From the very start, the synergy of the six talented members of Barock Rain becomes palpable. It’s a rich tapestry woven with threads of their prior experiences in varied rock enclaves in Switzerland, like Life-crusher, Suffer, and Excoriated, to name a few. However, with “HoCho”, the soundscape shifts from the intense and hard-hitting tones of their past endeavors to something more subdued, more contemplative. The instrumentation—from the poignant rhythm set by Gilles and Dave to the captivating riffs from Damian and Luc, complemented by Jan’s ethereal synths—crafts an ambiance reminiscent of quiet city corners, filled with hidden stories and melancholic memories.

Yet, at the heart of “HoCho” lies the city of Solothurn. The song, much like Barock Rain’s other creations, serves as an ode to this Baroque city, revealing its myriad facets—both shadowed and luminous. The music evokes the sensory experience of returning to a familiar cityscape, filled with nostalgia, yearning, and a twinge of melancholy. It’s akin to the bittersweet allure of a city once abandoned in memory, only to be revisited, its beauty and pain inescapable and ever-present. With “HoCho”, Barock Rain paints an evocative picture of Solothurn, capturing its essence while giving listeners an intimate glance into the band’s soul—a journey well worth undertaking.

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