Song Review: Alex Couch – “Artist”

The melodic intricacies of Alex Couch’s “Artist” transport listeners to a time reminiscent of the ’90s indie rock scene, with a distinct touch of present-day indie pop flair. As the track unfolds, the presence of an acoustic guitar builds a foundation, upon which layers of energetic and moody instrumentation swell, creating a resonant juxtaposition. This sonic architecture evokes familiar echoes of Third Eye Blind’s melodic hooks combined with the emotional intensity of Damien Rice. Yet, amidst these familiar nuances, Couch manages to carve out a space that’s uniquely his.

“Artist” feels like a profound reflection on dreams, aspirations, and the journey to self-realization. This sentiment is reinforced by the very structure of the song. The patient build-up to the first chorus break at 1:24 is a testament to Couch’s artistic patience and mirrors the theme of “trying to make it.” As the song intensifies, reaching another poignant break at 2:24, one can’t help but be engrossed by its narrative—both in its lyrics and its musical progression. It’s a musical voyage that speaks to the struggles of carving out an identity in a world filled with noise and the intimate battles of an artist trying to cement his voice amidst the cacophony.

As a songwriter and designer from Sonoma County, CA, Alex Couch’s return to the music scene is not just a reintroduction but a powerful testament to his evolution as an artist. The sentiment, “The songs are just stories that are hard to finish,” sheds light on the vulnerability inherent in Couch’s songwriting, lending a raw authenticity to “Artist.” Every chord struck and every word sung feels like a page from his diary, an intimate window into his soul. In “Artist,” Alex Couch doesn’t just make music; he crafts narratives, ones that resonate deeply with anyone who’s ever dared to dream and grapple with the complexities of self-expression.

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