Video of the Day: The Vertical Birds – “Sure As The Day Is Long”

Swinging open the doors to the lush landscape of Neo-Soul infused with a sprinkling of Funk, The Vertical Birds deliver an irresistibly upbeat anthem in “Sure As The Day Is Long.” For those well-versed in the styles of The Bros. Landreth, The Marcus King Band, and Tedeschi Trucks Band, this tune strikes familiar and oh-so-sweet chords, adding its own unique flavor to the mix.

Picture this: a live studio, instruments scattered, and the palpable energy of musicians sharing their craft. The accompanying video for this track captures this essence perfectly, making us feel as if we’re right there, grooving alongside the band. There’s something undeniably raw and authentic about live studio performances, and The Vertical Birds capitalize on this, letting the song’s buoyant rhythms and lyrical honesty shine.

Diving headfirst into the lyrics, “Sure As The Day Is Long” paints a vivid picture of love’s rollercoaster ride. The playful jabs about causing each other minor annoyances – from expensive wishes to how one puts away the dishes – bring a grin, highlighting the real, everyday experiences couples navigate. Yet, beneath the light-heartedness, there’s an unwavering declaration of love. The acknowledgment that amidst the “mountains and valleys,” the “sunshine and snow,” love is a steadfast journey of mutual commitment.

The Vertical Birds beautifully encapsulate the realities of love. Relationships aren’t just about the grand romantic gestures; they’re about the little things, the ups and downs, the squabbles and reconciliations. There’s a universality to the lyrics that many can relate to: from “walls and open doors” to the “straight and winding roads,” the song is a testament to the shared experiences of lovers everywhere.

The chorus, with its infectious energy, captures the essence of the song – an unwavering commitment to love, come rain or shine. It’s the kind of chorus that’ll have listeners singing along, tapping their feet, and perhaps reminiscing about their own love stories.

In conclusion, “Sure As The Day Is Long” is more than just a song. It’s a celebration of the journey of love, with all its quirks, highs, and lows. The Vertical Birds have crafted a musical gem that’s not only rhythmically intoxicating but also rich in narrative depth. It’s a reminder that love, with all its imperfections, is what makes the journey worthwhile.

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