Song Review: Dark Bardo – “Belgrade Burning”

Music, in its deepest essence, has the power to captivate, inform, and immortalize moments in history, and Dark Bardo’s latest offering, “Belgrade Burning,” is a testament to this very idea. Released under the aegis of POP CAN RECORDS, the track is not merely a musical endeavor but a poignant chronicle of the intense socio-political landscape of Belgrade, Serbia.

Drawing parallels to the atmospheric allure of artists like Arcade Fire, Tame Impala, and MGMT, Dark Bardo crafts an epic, energetic soundscape that, while aligned with alt-pop sensibilities, evokes a sense of urgency and fervor reminiscent of the fiery spirit of protest.

The heart of the song harks back to a tumultuous period in Serbian history when, amidst the bombings targeting the malevolent Milosevic regime, the city’s youth chose resilience over fear. The vivid imagery of end-of-world parties set against a backdrop of falling bombs creates a scene of stark contrasts – the grim realities of war juxtaposed with the undying spirit of youth. The chant, “we’re faster than the bomb…” serves as a haunting anthem of defiance, echoing the spirit of those who risked it all to cross the volatile city bridges, translating their palpable tension into jubilant relief upon reaching safety.

Yet, the song isn’t just a foray into the past. It paints a vivid portrait of the present-day challenges faced by the people of Belgrade, particularly in the wake of a tragic school shooting and the ongoing protests against the oppressive regime of Aleksander Vucic. The imagery of rustling leaves over silent marches draws a delicate veil over the intensity of the mass movement, symbolizing hope and unity amidst adversity.

Dark Bardo’s Filip Mitrovic, with roots embedded in Belgrade, injects personal and heartfelt emotion into the track. The song, in essence, is both an ode to the indomitable spirit of the city and its people and a clarion call for justice and change.

The release of “Belgrade Burning” on POP CAN RECORDS, alongside the renowned likes of ill peach, maral, and safe jazz, elevates its significance. In a world often inundated with transient pop hits, it’s crucial to spotlight songs that truly matter, and this one does. Dark Bardo has given us more than just a track – they’ve gifted us a narrative of resilience, rebellion, and hope, making “Belgrade Burning” not just a song but an anthem for our times.

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