New Release: Tricia Collins – “In the Light of the Moon”

Tricia Collins’ “In the Light of the Moon” beckons the listener to embark on an evocative sojourn into the heart of fleeting love, juxtaposed against the tender embrace of nature. This folk-americana masterpiece not only captures the essence of raw emotion but also enshrines it within the hallowed annals of timeless storytelling.

A gentle entwinement of banjo and acoustic guitar lays the foundation, reminiscent of a pastoral backdrop with hues of twilight orange and deep cerulean. The lyrical portrayal of walking “hand in hand” down a familiar path underscores the universality of revisiting places of personal significance, seeking solace in moments of doubt. The imagery of “trees paving the way” and the “endless elevated skies” serves as a testament to the bittersweet dichotomy of nature’s constancy in the face of human impermanence.

Influences of Fleet Foxes and The Staves are unmistakable in the vocal harmonics, yet there’s an individuality in Collins’ voice that is profoundly stirring. Her voice, rich in both warmth and gravitas, does justice to the poignant lyrics, especially the refrain of placing “flowers in our hair” – a symbolic representation of transient joys amidst impending heartbreak.

As the fiddle weaves its way in, there’s an elevated sense of melancholic yearning. It amplifies the inherent tension between cherishing moments of happiness (“We drank a glass of wine”) and the looming reality of a love’s decline (“Threw our secrets down into the dust”).

Tricia’s grounding in traditional Irish music is evident, lending a soulful depth to her craft, and yet there’s an unmistakable contemporary edge that aligns her with the likes of Gregory Alan Isakov and Julia Jacklin. It’s this hybridity in her musical expression that grants “In the Light of the Moon” its universal appeal.

Collins’ commitment to storytelling shines brilliantly through. Not just content with creating a mere song, she offers a multi-sensory experience – one can almost feel the grass beneath the blanket, the gentle embrace of a loved one, and the coolness of the evening as the sun “crept slowly into bed”.

In sum, “In the Light of the Moon” is more than just a song; it’s a canvas where memories are painted, tears are shed, and love is both celebrated and mourned. As a harbinger of her forthcoming EP “Long Story Short”, one can only anticipate a collection of narratives as heartrending and intimate as this musical gem.

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