Song Review – RØSES – “Larvae”

Beginning with raw confessions about unfulfilled expectations, RØSES confronts the dark territory of parental expectations and the harsh consequences of failing to fit their mold. The lyrics “Money can’t buy all the years we lost” and “Sorry’s won’t draw back the lines you crossed” hit like a tidal wave, the weight of past grievances echoing in each syllable.

There’s a biting introspection to her words, delving into the idea of never quite measuring up to someone’s expectations, however distorted they might be. This is encapsulated most poignantly in the lines, “You wanted it all, but you didn’t want me.” Here, RØSES isn’t just communicating a personal struggle; she’s addressing a universal feeling of being overlooked and undervalued, especially within the context of familial relationships.

Beyond the deeply introspective lyrics, the sonic landscape of the song is equally compelling. Drawing on the melancholic textures reminiscent of artists like Halsey and Ruelle, there’s a dark beauty that emerges, evoking feelings of both sorrow and cathartic release.

RØSES, with her roots in covering songs, brings an authentic emotion to this original piece. There’s a clear evolution from her earlier work, like “Self Destructive,” to this profound exploration of self-worth and identity. Each word, each note is imbued with the pain and resilience of someone who’s lived through these emotions, making “Larvae” not just a song, but a reflection of the human experience.

Through “Larvae,” RØSES offers both a lament and an anthem. It’s a track that speaks to the soul, reminding us of the scars we bear but also of the strength we harbor within. This isn’t just music; it’s a testament to survival and, ultimately, transcendence.

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