Album Review – LVCRFT: V; A Ghoulishly Grand Narrative Embodied in Pop Hits

In a world where seasonal bops like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” still rise from the crypt to haunt the airwaves each October, it’s become increasingly clear that there’s a thirst for fresh Halloween hits. Enter LVCRFT with their latest offering, “V.” A collection of 12 spine-tingling tracks, “V” further cements LVCRFT’s role as the reigning monarchs of spooky pop.

Known for painting narratives with their lyrics and sound, LVCRFT’s fifth studio album is no exception. The storyline revolves around the lamenting Skeleton Sam, a figure familiar to fans from their 2019 cult hit. His plight to rescue Seraphina, his lost love, offers a chilling narrative backbone for the tracks. Alongside this auditory treat, the “found letter” provides layers of mystery, urging fans to unravel this ghostly tale.

One of the key aspects that elevates this album above their previous works is the cinematic breadth they’ve embraced. It’s less about dancing zombies and more about diving deep into LVCRFT’s lore. And while the found footage short film isn’t part of the audio experience, knowing it’s part of the package adds weight and depth to every note played.

Diving into the tracks, “Everyday Is Halloween” starts the album on a high, echoing the group’s mantra, “Spooky Never Sleeps.” The song’s upbeat tempo, peppered with eerie undertones, sets the scene perfectly. Meanwhile, “Seraphina” is a clear standout, bringing in the heart of the Skeleton Sam narrative with its hauntingly melancholic melody and lyrics that paint a vivid picture of lost love.

The album showcases the brilliance of collaborations too. “Purgatory,” featuring Monte Revolta, carries a rock edge with gothic overtones that elevate it beyond just another pop hit. “Scream! (For Halloween),” with The Remains, has the potential to be the new Halloween party anthem, giving even “The Monster Mash” a run for its money.

One thing LVCRFT has always mastered is the ability to toe the line between playful and eerie. “Bad Witches” is a classic example. The pop-centric beats paired with lyrics dedicated to everyone’s favorite broomstick riders could easily find a home in any club during the spooky season, or really, any time of the year.

The trio behind LVCRFT – Bogart, Warner, and Wade – have all tasted massive success individually in the music industry, working with heavyweights like Beyonce and Madonna. But when they come together, it’s a synergy that is unmatched. Their love for all things eerie blended with their unparalleled skills gives birth to albums like “V.”

Another commendable aspect is how seamlessly LVCRFT evolves with time. From the moment “Skeleton Sam” became a sensation, they’ve consistently evolved, ensuring they never stagnate in their own niche. This evolution is clear in tracks like “Vendetta,” which introduces a darker, more electronic vibe than we’ve seen in their previous works.

Ending the album, “Fare Thee Well” is an emotional departure. Straying slightly from their upbeat eerie aesthetic, this track brings a moody ambiance. It not only concludes the Skeleton Sam and Seraphina saga but also acts as a beautiful outro for the album.

While a lot of music these days might focus on catchy hooks and danceable beats, LVCRFT offers something more. Yes, the hooks are there, and yes, you can dance to it – but there’s a depth and lore to their work. It’s storytelling at its best, wrapped up in a pop package.

In conclusion, “V” isn’t just another album to add to your Halloween playlist, it’s an experience. From the first note to the last, you’re taken on a journey – one of love, loss, spooks, and spirits. Whether you’re a die-hard Halloween lover or just someone looking for a solid pop album, “V” has something for everyone. And if this is the direction LVCRFT is headed, the future is not just spooky, it’s spectacular.

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