Weekly New Releases – D’Ambrosia, Enny Owl, Conor Miley, Crewless, Aunt Vicki, Storm Franklin, Izzie Derry, and JIANTS

Welcome, audiophiles and melody maniacs, to another euphonic installment of Weekly New Releases on B-Side Guys! This segment is where we delve into the raw, uncharted territories of music, bringing to the surface the undiscovered gems and future anthems that are dropping into the music sphere this week. It’s our curated selection of sonic innovations and auditory canvases, painting your week with diverse rhythms, tunes, and lyrical narratives. From the raw, unadulterated passion of indie anthems to the complex harmonies of unsung ballads, we’re here to elevate your playlists with the fresh, unfiltered soundscapes that are resonating through the underground. Strap in, turn up the volume, and let’s ride the wave of musical exploration together!

D’Ambrosia – “Tumblin'”

Halifax’s D’Ambrosia lands another poignant punch with their latest single, “Tumblin’”, a raw contemplation on the multifaceted nature of love—a theme bathed in both melancholy and anticipation. The third single to grace our ears in the past year, “Tumblin’” traverses through emotional paradoxes, encapsulating a spectrum of sentiments in its reverb-heavy folds. Kim D’Ambrogi’s vocals unravel a narrative stitched with vulnerability, determination, and a hint of sardonic resilience, painting a journey of love experienced in perplexity and inevitability. The song doesn’t shy away from exploring the tumult within acceptance and defiance, reverberating with a bittersweet symphony of emotions and lingering like a haunting echo of unmet gazes and distant drifters.

D’Ambrosia, a well-crafted tapestry, meticulously interweaves smoky instrumentation with introspective lyrics, creating an eclectic amalgamation of sound that pays homage to various influences—from the soaring notes of Loretta Lynn to the sublime grace of Fleetwood Mac and the impassioned fervor of Kate Bush. The Halifax ensemble, helmed by the profound lyricism and the captivating presence of Kim D’Ambrogi, emanates a distinct sonic aura that is reminiscent of the timeless beauty of their influences yet distinctly innovative. “Tumblin’” serves as a testament to D’Ambrosia’s ability to merge contrasting emotions, crafting soundscapes that are laced with both hope and demise, resonating with listeners who find solace in the universal experiences of love, choice, and the ceaseless tumble through life’s unpredictable dance.

Enny Owl – “Femi”

Enny Owl’s “Femi” delicately intertwines Yoruba folklore with contemporary reflections, unraveling the tale of an elephant ensnared in deceit, believing celebration is at its feet. The song, a precursor to the anticipated album, Homes in Humans, is not merely a melodic reminder to trust one’s instincts but also a profound exploration of camaraderie and purposeful living. The track is a symphony of folky storytelling, fantasy-induced soundscapes, and experimentative pop influences, portraying a myriad of emotions—ranging from romantic nuances to epically moody contemplations. “Femi” eloquently expands upon Enny’s conceptual visions, creating cinematic melodies that echo with the philosophical undertones of intuition and the essence of genuine relationships.

Homes in Humans, set to unveil on November 3, 2023, is a harmonious culmination of reflections and musical renditions inspired by the thoughts and names submitted by Enny’s listeners during the lockdown. The album emerges as a conceptual masterpiece, emphasizing themes of healing and self-discovery, and serves as a testament to Enny Owl’s multifaceted musicality. It transgresses the boundaries of folk, blending in chamber pop elements and reimagining the realms of indie folk with its intricately layered compositions. Enny’s passion for Celtic sonorities and fantasy resonates in every note, crafting a collection that is as diverse as it is cohesive, immersing the listeners in an aural journey through varying landscapes of sound and emotion, and leaving them in contemplative silence, enveloped in the rich tapestries of her music.

Conor Miley – “Lost Honeybee”

“Lost Honeybee,” Conor Miley’s latest single, emerges as a haunting symphony, reverberating with echoes of grief and resilience, a precursor to his highly anticipated album, Thousand Yard Stare. The song intricately weaves a tapestry of melancholy, narrating a soul’s odyssey through the labyrinth of loss. From the tendrils of denial to the stark reality of acceptance, every note drips with the poignancy of heartbreak, reflecting Miley’s profound exploration of human emotions. The acoustic strings reverberate through the solemn shadows of isolation, punctuated by ethereal synths and orchestral drums, culminating in a musical maelstrom—a cathartic release from the bonds of sorrow.

Miley’s multifaceted musical journey, rich in the nuanced echoes of folk, indie, and electronica, imbues his compositions with a compelling emotive pulse. With the musical vistas stretching from intimate reflections to sweeping epics, Miley’s intricate arrangements unravel the complexities of the human soul, portraying its vulnerabilities and strengths in equal measure. The Dublin native, who has honed his craft amidst diverse musical landscapes and personal turmoil, channels his experiences into every chord, creating a harmonious amalgamation of varied genres, laden with profound lyrical expressions. The elegance of classical music and the raw energy of jazz intertwine in his work, reflecting the eclectic influences that have shaped his artistic vision. The upcoming album, woven with threads of love, hope, and despair, resonates with the multifarious shades of life, a testament to Miley’s relentless pursuit of musical excellence and his ability to transform personal crisis into universal reflections of the human experience. The accompanying visuals, directed by Michael-David McKernan and featuring Emily Kilkenny-Roddy, enhance the atmospheric essence of “Lost Honeybee,” encapsulating the dichotomy of intimacy and release in every frame, epitomizing the transformative journey of the soul.

Crewless – “Elevator (going down)”

With “Elevator (going down),” Crewless plumbs the depths of emotional turmoil and ardor, crafting a haunting soundscape of somber reflections, revealing the multitudes contained within human connection. The song is a meticulous exploration of the exhaustive range of emotions that one experiences when in proximity to a love that is as volatile as it is passionate. The synergistic confluence between Crewless and producer Nate Pyfer adds layers of nuanced melancholy and indietronica ambiance to the piece, creating a seamless blend of indie vibes and house undertones, an echo of shared musical insights and visions. The resultant sound is a labyrinthine tapestry of chill and moody tones, a journey through the introspective corridors of the heart, underscored by the masterful mixing of Finn Bjarnson.

Crewless, emanating a vibrant energy from Salt Lake City, Utah, is a sonic revelation, merging the diverse vocal dynamics of Jefferson, Brandi, and Makenna, reminiscent of the eclectic vibrancies of bands like The B52’s and Human League. This harmonious amalgamation allows the exploration of a vast musical palette, creating a powerful collective resonance that manifests in the fusion of house rhythms and punk guitars. Gunther, the architect of soundscapes within the group, orchestrates the dual sonic expressions, encapsulating the philosophy of multiplicity in expression, rooted in his multicultural upbringing. The juxtaposition of indie and electronic elements in their debut single, “Elevator,” illustrates Crewless’s innovative approach to music creation, delivering a plethora of emotions and styles, from the tumultuous guitars in “Elevator (going up)” to the nostalgic vibes in “Elevator (going down),” making them the torchbearers of unadulterated emotional and musical exploration in the contemporary music scene. The group’s aesthetic, both sonically and in fashion, reflects a myriad of influences, from The Ting Tings to Daft Punk, amalgamating to form a unique and compelling musical identity, pushing the boundaries of genre and expression.

Aunt Vicki – “Time Is On Your Side”

Aunt Vicki’s “Time Is On Your Side” unfolds like a multilayered existential rhapsody, threading the needle between introspective folk echoes and the rebellious heartbeat of garage rock. Hailing from Asheville, NC, the retro rock conclave delivers a sound that is a reverberating amalgam of raw, Beatles-esque simplicity intertwined with complex, untamed finales. The song’s dual nature presents an intricate dance between serene retrospection and unadulterated wildness, creating a sonic landscape that’s drenched in a bit of every era, a characteristic reminiscent of artists like Courtney Barnett and Ty Segall. The lyrics, a reflective contemplation of self, evoke a cinematic tapestry of life’s ceaseless march, a narrative of self-confrontation and the relentless pursuit of one’s desires. The expressions “Who do you think you are” and “This movie is a flop/And you’re the star” illustrate the struggle of self-perception and the inevitable reckoning with time, shedding light on the internal battles faced in the journey of growth and self-discovery.

The philosophical underpinnings of the track are accentuated by the band’s multifaceted musical architecture, creating a paradoxical atmosphere where the contemplative intertwines with the chaotic. Aunt Vicki’s narrative, an enthralling odyssey through the realms of existential thought, is a dynamic interplay of fervent art rock energy and the pensive nuances of folk, reminiscent of the authentic resonance of The Dead Weather. The song, an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between aging and self-realization, melds the fervor of alternative rock with the artful expressions of garage aesthetics. It is a tumultuous journey through the cascading sands of time, confronting the inevitability of growth and the relentless cycle of self-reinvention, making “Time Is On Your Side” a poignant reminder of the inexorable dance between the self and the ever-ticking clock of existence.

Storm Franklin – “The Fear”

Storm Franklin’s single, “The Fear,” emerges as a meticulously crafted symphony of existential contemplation, where Juanita Stein’s haunting vocals intertwine with Ben Hillier’s masterful production to paint a landscape suffused with an aura of internal tumult. It’s a journey through the shadowy corridors of human psyche, where the echoes of half-truths and white lies reverberate amidst the relentless pursuit of the divine. The song, a harmonic manifestation of internal conflicts and raw emotion, explores the universal sentiments of fear and chaos, serving as a mirror reflecting the ubiquitous struggle to navigate through the labyrinthine facets of the human condition. The chorus, “This is the fear,” resonates as an echoing whisper through the poetic tapestry, accentuating the symbiotic relationship between the internal and the external, the individual and the collective, the chaos and the divine.

Stein and Hillier, uniting under the moniker of Storm Franklin, manifest a nuanced exploration of existential dichotomies within “The Fear,” with each strum and each note acting as a harbinger of the myriad emotions that traverse the human soul. The lyrics, a poetic odyssey through the realms of internal trepidation and external cruelties, unravel the intertwined threads of anguish and desire, embodying the hustle through the ticking hours and the relentless march towards the ephemeral finish line. The relentless repetition of “This is the fear” serves as an echoing anthem of the shared human experience, embodying the universal dance with fear and the pursuit of existential meaning within the ceaseless cycle of chaos and divine possibility. With “The Fear,” Storm Franklin encapsulates the essence of indie rock introspection, cultivating a realm where the haunting echoes of existential musings meld seamlessly with the intricate tapestries of harmonious revelation, propelling listeners through the uncharted territories of the human soul and the inherent fear that resides within.

Izzie Derry – “Young and Free”

Izzie Derry, with her new track “Young and Free,” weaves a tapestry of introspection and nostalgia, blending the melodious essence of Indie Folk with a poignant narrative that resonates with the universal longing for the simplicity of youth. The song, reminiscent of the harmonic subtleties of artists like Laura Marling and Fiona Apple, paints a landscape colored with reflections on growing pains and the metamorphosis of relationships. Derry’s lyricism, enveloped in a soft melancholy, explores the contrast between the boundless joy of childhood and the burdensome worries of adulthood, with a recurring desire to return to ‘those days of beautiful clichés’. This release is a poignant exploration of human vulnerabilities, a melodic soliloquy reflecting the artist’s journey through self-discovery and her pursuit of musical authenticity, resonating with the echoes of her emotional and artistic evolution.

“Young and Free” is the sixth symphonic glimpse into Izzie Derry’s debut album, a project birthed from her reflections during lockdown, where each note seems to be imbued with amplified emotions and deeper personal revelations. Izzie’s artistic journey, from her initial public performance at fifteen to her diverse musical explorations and collaborations, showcases a relentless pursuit of musical excellence and a fearless embrace of evolving genres and arrangements. The song, with its layers of musical rawness and innovative vibe, exemplifies Derry’s commitment to enhancing her musical palette, highlighting her maturity and her refined perspective on life’s multifaceted experiences. The emotional depth encapsulated in this single, intertwined with its soulful composition, is a testament to Izzie’s growth as an artist and her ability to transform her contemplations into a harmonious blend of relatable and deeply moving musical experiences.

JIANTS – “Moon Lit”

Toronto-based Jiants, led by former professional skateboarder Jesse Landen, serve a poignant and nostalgia-laden indie pop concoction with their latest single, “Moon Lit.” This track, immersed in a lo-fi aesthetic, oscillates between the realms of dreamy contemplation and vigorous reality, painting the airwaves with shades of elusive summer love and the ensnaring allure of the unknown. “Moon Lit” poetically articulates the conundrum of pursuing ephemeral whims of the heart, eventually succumbing to a resonating emptiness—a journey Landen defines as a waltz with the nostalgia of imaginary summer love. The song, with its echoing lyricism, “Always searching for the ghost of the you before,” sketches the eternal chase for the mirages of the past, weaving a tale of reflective disillusionment and heartwarming realization. The intricate interplay between the soaring leads and enveloping hooks captivates the listener, drawing them into a swirl of emotions and resonant melodies, reminiscent of longing glances exchanged under the ethereal embrace of moonlit nights.

“Moon Lit,” a luminous offering from Jiants’ upcoming album, “Tall Tales,” is a mirror reflecting the band’s evolved musical craftsmanship and Landen’s profound lyrical depth. The track’s smooth progression and the emotive undulations of the music journey through the dimensions of the human soul, exploring the facets of love and the inherent human predilection for nostalgic yearning. The distinct indie-pop influences entwined with the evocative lyrics render it a mesmerizing concoction of sound and emotion. Engineered and produced by Gavin Gardiner, “Moon Lit” becomes a symphonic dance between reality and the remnants of fleeting summer encounters, illustrating Jiants’ ability to transform the abstract tapestries of human emotions into harmonious and relatable sonic experiences. This single, with its relatable narrative and compelling musical composition, augments the anticipation for their forthcoming album, promising a musical journey steeped in introspection and resonant indie-pop allure.

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