Caleb’s Weekly Favorites – Summer Bedhead, Notbrian, clearvvater, Towne & Stevens, Charlie Bishop, The First Eloi, mike rowave, Johnny Lawhorn and the Pentagram String Band, Kiefer Luttrell, and Gold Lake

Welcome to “Caleb’s Weekly Favorites” on, where eclecticism meets passion in a melody-infused dance! In this harmonious alcove, we traverse through a labyrinth of tunes, transcending genres and breaking the musical mold, all guided by Caleb’s seasoned ear and undying love for sound. From the soulful strumming of an acoustic guitar in a folk ballad to the electrifying beats of a techno banger, this weekly series is a beacon for music aficionados seeking aural diversity and discovering uncharted territories in the music landscape. So, tighten your headphones and adjust your speakers as we dive into a symphonic journey, exploring ten of Caleb’s crème de la crème tracks that reverberate with his unique taste and undying passion for the myriad shades of music. Whether you’re a seeker of hidden gems in the music world or a long-time follower, prepare for a diverse auditory experience that tantalizes the senses and resonates with the soul!

Summer Bedhead – “American Dream”

In the seamless infusion of Indie Rock and Folk elements, Summer Bedhead’s “American Dream” poses a profound reflection on the contemporary societal norms and the endless pursuit of a seemingly elusive ideal. The song resonates with the lingering echoes of artists like Caroline Rose and The Backseat Lovers, woven with gritty rock influences and underscored by a dreamy atmospheric aura. The vocals are a tapestry of melodic introspection, traversing through the mundane realities of life and the inherent desire for a transcendental existence. The lyrics are a poetic delve into the dichotomy of aspirations and the conformational chains of society, painting a vivid portrayal of the “empty home” and the “shiny car,” symbols of a superficially accomplished life, juxtaposed with the raw, unfiltered longing for “more.”

The track unfolds with a contemplative tone, illustrating the profound struggle between the acquired and the inherent, the known and the unknown. The articulation of “working ourselves to death” and the recurring contemplation of the ‘American Dream’ is an introspective journey through the lanes of self-discovery and existential realization. The lucid strumming of the guitar intermingles with the rhythmic patterns of the drums, synthesizing the poignant essence of the song with the enveloping musical composition. The intrinsic essence of “wanting more” and the questioning of the ingrained societal parameters reverberate through the chords, echoing the universal quest for meaning and fulfillment. Summer Bedhead, through this symphonic narrative, unravels the tapestry of human existence, melding the rhythmic nuances with lyrical profundity, inviting the listeners into a contemplative reverie of self and the world.

Notbrian – “Can’t See / This Is It”

With the echoes of various genres whispering through its melodies, Notbrian’s “Can’t See / This Is It” is a musical odyssey that delves deep into the multifaceted spheres of relationships and existential contemplations. The song, steeped in the diverse musical influences of Brian DeSousa, unravels a harmonious convergence of energetic Indie Rock and contemplative Alternative tunes reminiscent of the eclectic vibes of The Strokes and Mac DeMarco. The lyrics portray a poignant journey through the labyrinth of emotions, meandering between the realms of love and loss, presence and absence, creating an immersive narrative that resonates with the universal echoes of human experiences. The musical composition, transcending the conventional boundaries of genres, synthesizes the myriad of influences, enveloping the listeners in a symphonic cascade of melodies and rhythms.

The song is a kaleidoscope of vibrant tunes and introspective lyrics, painting a vivid tapestry of emotions and reflections. The words “I can’t see, a world without you,” coupled with the recurring contemplation on existence, “What kind of planet have we made?” weave a narrative that is both intimately personal and profoundly universal. The solos punctuate the rhythmic flow with an instrumental eloquence, enhancing the emotive essence of the song. The poetic articulation of love and the inherent quest for meaning dance through the chords, creating a musical panorama that mirrors the intricacies of human relationships and the transient nature of life. Based in Lower East Side, NYC, Notbrian, through this harmonic journey, invites the audience to traverse the nuanced landscapes of existence, imbuing the musical tapestry with a rich confluence of sounds and sentiments.

clearvvater – “Space Cowboy”

Bringing the ethereal realms of Dream Pop to life with a celestial touch of animation-inspired nuances, clearvvater’s “Space Cowboy” melds mellifluous tones with a tranquil essence, emanating vibes reminiscent of artists like Men I Trust and The Marías. The track is a serene journey through the vastness of space and the intimacy of emotions, interweaving smooth guitar rhythms, ambient synths, and rhythmic drums to create a soundscape that is as chill as it is emotive. The lyrics, drawing inspiration from the iconic anime “Cowboy Bebop”, weave a tale of transient memories and eternal imprints, juxtaposing the ephemeral nature of experiences with the enduring shadows they cast. The repeating lines, “Summer in space, fire to erase, memories that were made,” echo a poetic dance between creation and obliteration, inviting listeners into a cosmic dance of melody and contemplation.

The lush instrumentation of “Space Cowboy” orchestrates a symphonic waltz through the velvety fabric of dreamy pop, with each note painting strokes of sonic color across the auditory canvas. The tranquil resonance of the music intertwines with the introspective lyricism, forging a harmonious alliance between sound and sentiment. The intricate amalgamation of guitar, synths, and drums crafts a melodic tapestry, whispering the silent stories of lost memories and lingering echoes. The song’s gentle embrace of chill and happy moods reflects a luminous fusion of musical serenity and lyrical depth, encapsulating the ineffable essence of ephemeral summers and the timeless weight they leave behind. It’s a musical odyssey through the interstellar voids of contemplation and the infinite galaxies of emotion, resonating with the universal heartbeat of existential musings and soulful reflections.

Towne & Stevens – “Come Along”

Harnessing the dynamic vigor of Indie and Alternative Rock and splashing it with a tinge of 90s nostalgia, Towne & Stevens’ “Come Along” is a fiery testament to resilience and camaraderie. The track, a robust creation from the alliance of Blind Melon members Rogers Stevens and Nathan Towne, echoes the eclectic influences of My Morning Jacket and The Beatles, weaving the energetic aggression with epic soundscapes reminiscent of Electric Light Orchestra and George Harrison. The lyrics, a poetic dance between hope and inquisition, resonate with the universal pursuit of reassurance, “Won’t you tell me slowly, That we’ll be alright again…” The song oscillates between a journey of questioning and a fervent assertion of enduring spirit, creating a juxtaposition between the transient uncertainties and the perennial convictions of being “alright again.” The repeated anthem, “Because we did it… And we do it… And we’ll do it again,” reverberates as a rallying cry for enduring resilience and unwavering belief, resonating with the ebbs and flows of life’s relentless tides.

The sonic tapestry of “Come Along” is a melodic combustion of energetic riffs and rhythmic crescendos, painting the auditory spectrum with vibrant strokes of musical fervor. The raw aggression and the ebullient energy of the music marry the contemplative introspection and the spirited assurance of the lyrics, forging a symphonic odyssey of epic proportions. The fiery passions of the track are interspersed with the serene reflections, creating a musical dialogue between the tumultuous uncertainties and the tranquil affirmations. The song is a melodic invitation to “Come along,” to traverse the tumultuous terrains of existence and to bask in the luminous aura of collective spirit. The compelling concoction of diverse influences and multifaceted emotions orchestrates a harmonious confluence of sound and sentiment, echoing the relentless whispers of hope and the undying echoes of belief. The intricate intertwining of energetic moods and aggressive undertones crafts a vibrant palette of musical hues, narrating the silent tales of enduring spirit and unyielding resilience.

Charlie Bishop – “Damned or Chosen”

In the hushed tones of contemplation and the resonant echoes of revelation, Charlie Bishop’s “Damned or Chosen” paints a poignant tapestry of mental struggles and existential musings, resonating with the harmonious strains of Folk and Americana. The song, a deep dive into the intricate lattice of the mind, oscillates between the tumultuous waves of sadness and the resilient strands of happiness, portraying a journey marked by self-reflection and introspection. Drawing parallels with the profound sounds of Zach Bryan and Charles Wesley Godwin, Bishop crafts a narrative that is a delicate blend of the harsh realities and the profound revelations of mental health, imploring listeners to “slow down and make time last.” The song’s lyrical landscape traverses the highs of “Highest mountains” and the lows of being “overwhelmed,” highlighting the dichotomous dance between being “damned” or “chosen,” and unraveling the intricate tapestry of internal contemplation.

Recorded live in Bishop’s basement, the raw authenticity and unfiltered emotions imbue the song with an earnest appeal, the profound musings interwoven with the textured strumming of the guitar and the ambient harmonies create an atmosphere steeped in vulnerability and resilience. The lines “You’ve been running, So fast” reverberate as an anthem of enduring struggles and a reminder of the fleeting essence of time, forging a connection between the listener and the underlying themes of mental health and existential contemplation. The musings on “deep thought or delusion” and the imagery of a mind “thinking or… bleeding” evoke a sense of poignant realism, offering a glimpse into the perpetual journey of self-discovery and realization. Bishop’s intricate portrayal of the inner battles and the resonant echoes of “making time last” coalesce into a symphony of hope and healing, whispering the silent tales of unspoken thoughts and unsung melodies, reminding us all of the perennial dance between being “Damned or Chosen.”

The First Eloi – “Last Days of Summer”

Imbued with the melancholic resonance of fleeting summer days, “Last Days of Summer” by The First Eloi spins a gossamer tapestry of shoegaze and dream pop aesthetics, invoking the haunting reverberations synonymous with my bloody valentine and Slowdive. The track, a somber ode to ephemeral moments and the inevitable progression of time, wafts through the realms of nostalgic longing and poignant realization, the effervescent harmonies entwined with the diaphanous layers of atmospheric soundscapes. It paints a cinematic tableau of a summer night drive, the rearview mirror reflecting the wistful echoes of laughter and the fading hues of golden afternoons. The interlacing of earnest vocals and ethereal instrumentals encapsulates the essence of transient beauty, the words “The summer’s almost gone” echoing as a solemn whisper through the lingering silhouettes of bygone days, depicting the perennial dance between presence and absence, capture and release.

Emerging from the confluence of noise and post-punk influences, The First Eloi weaves a rich tapestry of sound that is both an exploration of melancholic reflections and an exposition of sonic craftsmanship. The lyrics, an intricate portrayal of lost moments and fading echoes, reverberate with the subtle intensity of unspoken words and unfulfilled desires, serving as a delicate reminder of the impermanence of joy. The seamless fusion of hauntingly beautiful melodies and the immersive ambience evokes a sense of reflective introspection, inviting listeners to traverse the intricate labyrinth of their own memories and experiences.

mike rowave – “Santa Ana”

“Santa Ana” by mike rowave is a sun-drenched odyssey through winding coastal roads and the transient intimacy of newfound connections, imbued with the wistful essence of nostalgic reminiscences and lazy Sunday drives. The track, existing in the confluence of alt-pop sensibilities and romantic meanderings, encapsulates the liberating ambiance of salty breezes and sunsets’ golden hues, an echoing backdrop to the evolving dance of relationships and connections. Inspired by the reflective exploration of growing up and navigating the labyrinthine paths of human interaction, “Santa Ana” intertwines the carefree melodies and intentional production to craft a musical tapestry that resonates with the ephemeral beauty of moments suspended in time. Mike’s rendition speaks the language of serene beaches and city nights, his solo venture a canvas painted with the colors of understated production and harmonious blend, reminiscent of the introspective serenity of Alice Phoebe Lou and the vibrant expressions of Dayglow.

Emerging from the contemplative shadows of The Moving Stills, mike rowave’s musical expedition sails through the celestial dimensions of art-pop and the earthly realms of melodic reverberations, crafting a sonic kaleidoscope that reflects the multifaceted nuances of life in the 2000s. The project, a harmonious confluence of spacey undertones and melodic effervescence, is a reminder of the intrinsic beauty of overlooked moments and the myriad possibilities that lie in the heart of what could be. Mike’s compositions are the whispers of forgotten days, the echo of simpler times reverberating through the cosmic continuum of memories and reflections, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through the musical galaxies of intimate reflections and nostalgic reverie. It’s not just a song; it’s an intricate diorama of growing up, a time capsule traversing through the space-time continuum, encapsulating the infinite dance of memories and melodies.

Johnny Lawhorn And The Pentagram String Band – “Blood on the Wall”

With “Blood on the Wall,” Johnny Lawhorn and The Pentagram String Band take listeners on a haunting journey through the shadowy realms of gothic folk and punk, where the resonant strings of bluegrass meld seamlessly with the raw energy of thrash metal. The track serves as the ominous gateway to their new concept album, a dark tapestry interwoven with tales of their cat, whose posthumous metamorphosis into a chaotic demon frames the album’s grim narrative. Drawing influences from the somber narratives of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and the folk-punk fusions of Amigo the Devil, “Blood on the Wall” emanates a foreboding essence, its relentless rhythms and intense strings a resonant echo of the lyrical dance between resurrection and damnation. The PSB, skeptical of the traditional bluegrass boundaries, delve into the abyss of satanic and morose themes, their music a haunting reflection of cannibalism, death, and the ensuing echoes of misery and desolation.

Originating from KCMO, Johnny Lawhorn and The Pentagram String Band redefine the bluegrass landscapes with their sinister and satanic portrayals, constructing a novel sub-genre, embodying elements of alt-country, gothic folk, punk, and thrash metal. The band’s unconventional and bold approach to bluegrass casts shadows of the macabre and the diabolical onto their musical canvass, painting vivid images of a world where agony, death, and chaos reign supreme. The PSB does not simply create music; they construct an auditory experience, a chilling exploration of the metaphysical realms of existence and the melancholic ecstasy found within the dance of demons and despair, leaving an indelible mark on the souls of those who dare to listen. The intertwining narratives of resurrected felines and infernal mayhem provide an intricate backdrop to the gothic symphonies of the underworld, narrating tales of the cryptic and the uncanny with a raw and unrelenting fervor.

Kiefer Luttrell – “Pie in the Sky”

Nashville-based songwriter, Kiefer Luttrell, delves into the intricate complexities of introspection and the journey of self-discovery in “Pie in the Sky.” It’s an Americana-laden soundscape, tinted with the hues of alternative country, chronicling an odyssey through the terrains of the subconscious. The lyrics portray a dream-like sequence where surrealism meets reality, capturing the essence of ephemeral encounters with divinity, the allure of unfulfilled promises, and the somber reflections of isolation. Luttrell’s artful juxtaposition of “diamonds that didn’t shine” and “pie in the sky” mirrors the duality of life’s highs and lows, of dreams realized and those left in the abstract.

Anchored in the heritage of country storytelling, “Pie in the Sky” offers both an acceptance of life’s capricious nature and a resilient determination to forge one’s path, however disconnected or isolated. The recurring theme – “On a path I created… At least I made it on my own” – embodies the spirit of rugged individualism and the stubborn pursuit of one’s journey. Luttrell’s diction, laced with the grit and authenticity of Nashville’s streets, paints a poignant picture of life’s struggles, emphasizing perseverance and the will to soldier on even when faced with the bleakest of circumstances. With each verse, Kiefer Luttrell not only reaffirms his prowess as a songwriter but also cements his position as a storyteller, one who navigates the intricacies of the human experience with deftness and raw emotion.

Gold Lake – “North of Something”

Gold Lake, the transcendent Indie Rock duo composed of Lua Rios and Carlos Del Amo, re-emerges from a period of profound silence with their ethereal single “North Of Something,” a precursor to their much-anticipated album, Weightless. The song, enveloped in a radiant yet contemplative aura, mirrors the internal strife between altruistic aspirations and hedonistic pursuits in our fleeting existence. The artistry is unmistakable, as shimmering sonorous waves intertwine with deeply introspective lyrics, painting a melancholic picture of the world’s impermanence, resonating the essence of their roots— blending the serene, poetic influences of Spanish culture with the contemporary richness of the Brooklyn music scene. The touch of producers Aaron Dessner and Chris Taylor imparts a delicate balance of nostalgic ardor and innovative fervor, presenting a musical tapestry where every thread is woven with introspective deliberation and reverberating with the pulsations of an unburdened, bold creation.

The journey of “North Of Something” is not just a musical odyssey; it is a reflection of Carlos and Lua’s confrontation with life’s unpredictable dark waves, turning personal turmoil into a mesmerizing concoction of dreamy soundscapes and poetic candor. Gold Lake’s evolution is embodied in the purity and authenticity of their musical expressions, revealing a maturity birthed from facing life’s ephemeral nature and its inherent uncertainties. This single is a musical embodiment of resilience, transcending the mere aesthetics of sound, and delving into a deeper philosophical resonance, marking their transformation from the vulnerable ambiguity of youth to a more unabridged, fearless revelation of their artistic selves. The duo’s profound synergy is the compass leading the listener through the labyrinth of existential musings, leaving them on the shores of self-reflection, contemplating the profound and the mundane, all under the eternal, watchful eyes of the celestial.

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