Album Review – The Dandys – Sex and Feuds EP

Brisbane’s The Dandys are a refreshing gale in today’s alternative rock scene, and their debut EP ‘Sex and Feuds’ firmly establishes them as the torchbearers of the genre’s future. Riding in on the coattails of the lead single, ‘Gums’, this debut offers a fervent exploration into the tumultuous journey of adolescence, capturing both its fevered passion and the occasionally ironic detachment that defines the modern youth experience.

“Falling”, the opener, sets the scene perfectly. Clocking in at 4:35, this track resonates with the hesitancy of youth, the anxious precipice of the unknown. With an undercurrent of anticipation, it both tempts and warns of the pitfalls of youthful exuberance. Following suit, “Broke Me Down” uses its 4:15 runtime to evoke the spirit of recklessness, painting a vivid picture of the lows after the highs. It’s an evocative ballad, heavy with the weight of realizations and lessons learned the hard way.

Midway, “State of Mind” introduces a more introspective tone. The 3:38 track delves deep into the psyche, exploring the ebb and flow of youthful optimism and the accompanying shadows of doubt. The mood is contemplative, reminiscent of those nights spent staring at the ceiling, lost in thought.

This introspection gives way to the hopeful rhythms of “Temporary Fix”. A 3:46 ode to the short-lived joys and ephemeral experiences that come with growing up, it’s an anthem that encapsulates that quintessential desire to hold onto fleeting moments, even if they’re mere stopgaps to deeper issues.

Closing out with “Gums”, a track already familiar to their fans, The Dandys strike gold. Protheroe’s vocals, as raw as they are melodic, are juxtaposed against the grit of the instrumentals. The song’s ethos, which resonates with the tension between wanting change and resisting the mundane tasks required, forms the beating heart of this EP. The band’s knack for blending catchy melodies with profound messaging shines brightest here.

Throughout this five-track journey, The Dandys prove that their early acclaim was no fluke. Their exuberant energy is infectious, reminiscent of punk/alt-rock legends, while still carving a distinct identity for themselves. Their fearless approach to songwriting, which never shies away from addressing pressing issues, stands out in today’s musical landscape.

The Dandys’ ability to capture the zeitgeist of youth is noteworthy. In ‘Sex and Feuds’, they depict a world that is as much about the giddy heights of adolescence as it is about its inevitable pitfalls. Each track is a testament to the myriad emotions, from unabashed joy to heart-wrenching sorrow, that accompany this phase of life.

Their debut comes at a crucial juncture in their career. Following a successful run of singles, appearances at festivals like Splendour In The Grass, and a burgeoning reputation as a live act to reckon with, ‘Sex and Feuds’ had a lot riding on it. And it delivers. From the tongue-in-cheek songwriting that Protheroe mentioned, to their signature energy, the EP captures the essence of The Dandys in a way that few debuts manage.

In the world of indie rock and alt-pop, where authenticity often battles with commercial appeal, The Dandys stand out as genuine storytellers. ‘Sex and Feuds’ is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a snapshot of a band coming into its own, exploring its identity, and laying down the foundation for a legacy. For those who haven’t tuned in to The Dandys yet, now is the perfect time. As for those who have been on the journey from the beginning, ‘Sex and Feuds’ is a reaffirmation that the ride has just begun. With this debut, The Dandys are not just announcing their presence; they’re staking their claim.

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