Boorloo/Perth’s very own Wesley Black is no stranger to the alternative genre scene, seamlessly weaving together alternative rock, punk, pop, and hip-hop. His latest offering, the three-track EP titled ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’, serves as an explosive testament to this versatility and his propensity for blurring boundaries.

The EP kicks off with a volatile bang in ‘READY2GO’, a tour-de-force of Wesley Black’s diverse musical prowess. It’s an auditory roller coaster, merging aggressive punk elements with infectious pop melodies, and marking a defining moment for Black’s ever-evolving sound. His lyricism, raw and unfettered, becomes an anthem of resilience and self-realization, encouraging listeners to embrace the chaos of life.

‘UR NOT MY MUM’, the EP’s second installment, is a no-holds-barred fusion of surf-rock-punk riffs, seasoned with tenacious breakbeats and Black’s fiery rapping. It’s a sardonic, high-octane track that makes no apologies for its brazenness. With piercing lyrical wit and audacity, Black delves into the intricacies of ego and self-exploration, painting a vivid picture of internal chaos and longing.

The EP’s concluding act, ‘I GUESS THAT’S ME’, showcases a darker, more introspective side of Black. The distorted guitars and his signature snarky vocals cut through the mix with precision, culminating in a reflection on identity, transformation, and the acceptance of one’s limits. It’s a provocative finale, emphasizing the fleeting nature of life and the remnants we leave behind.

Beyond the frenetic rhythms and pulsating bass lines, there’s a profound lyrical depth to this EP. Wesley Black’s musings on ego, self-confidence, and the transient nature of existence serve as a contemplative underbelly to the project. This juxtaposition of raucous instrumentals with introspective lyrics provides a rich sonic tapestry, capturing the essence of youthful rebellion against the inexorable passage of time.

In his own words, this EP is a “project for the moment,” a testament to the urgency of living in the present. It’s a musical reminder that while we may burn with fervor and passion, there’s an inherent ephemerality to life, and all we can truly control is the legacy we leave in our wake.

Brace yourself for a short but fiery ride with ‘EVERYTHING WILL CRASH AND BURN’. Wesley Black’s signature sound is back, fiercer than ever, proving once again that in music, as in life, boundaries are meant to be broken. This is not just an EP; it’s a statement. Buckle up and immerse yourself in the whirlwind that is Wesley Black.

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