Album Review – Paultra Violet – We’ve Already Happened

A shift in the digital age is upon us—a moment where virtual corridors are more than just pixels; they’re memories, emotions, and desires. Paultra Violet’s “We’ve Already Happened” embarks on this journey, giving a voice to the collective consciousness, teetering between digital anonymity and real-life yearnings.

The landscape of the album builds a noir-infused backdrop that pulsates with the energy of the post-punk era, yet blends effortlessly with the coldwave textures and moody pop underpinnings. Tracks such as “Val or Never” and “Glow Up Wolf” resonate with rhythmic urgency and are saturated with the kind of cybernetic atmosphere that mirrors the technological realm we inhabit.

“I Will Find Your Heart,” the album’s opening track, sets the pace, reminding listeners of the inherent human need to connect. This theme of seeking connection in a digitalized world persists throughout. The titular “We’ve Already Happened” propels this narrative further, hinting at the idea of pre-existing connections and destinies already charted, challenging our perception of time and reality.

Delving into “Honestly I Always Knew,” there’s a soft acknowledgment of an anticipated disconnect. The arrangement, melodious yet haunting, embodies the self-awareness and acceptance of the digital age’s transience. But while it may seem contemplative, the sonic journey Paultra Violet offers is neither bleak nor hopeless. It’s a call to awareness.

The soundscape of the album seems as if it was conjured from the very fibers of the digital web itself, with songs echoing the sentiments of human souls navigating this vast network. Every song tells a story, painting portraits of transient digital relationships, yearning for real-world connections, and sometimes, the blissful chaos that intertwines the two.

Among the ten tracks, the closer, “Here’s To You,” emerges as a poignant ode. Emanating nostalgic warmth, it captivates with its sonic layers, evoking a sentiment of mourning for the past while finding beauty in the fleeting present. It’s as if we’re standing at the shoreline, gazing out, with seagulls echoing our sentiments and the ocean reminding us of the vastness of our existence. This audial environment is a testament to Paultra Violet’s masterful storytelling.

Diving deeper into the artists themselves, the synergy of Joey Palestina, Spencer Miles, and Joel Hunter Martin is evident. Each brings a distinctive artistic flair, whether it’s from film, avant-garde compositions, or innovative production. Their collective narrative approach, drawing from cinematic and musical inspirations alike, is what sets this album apart. They aren’t just musicians; they are narrators of the digital age.

In a time where endless scrolling, fleeting interactions, and digital noise dominate, “We’ve Already Happened” stands as a lighthouse—a beacon guiding us through this modern maze. As the trio reminds us, while we might be adrift in this expansive virtual sea, there’s still a heartbeat, a pulse, a humanity that resonates within us all.

Paultra Violet’s debut doesn’t just stand as a statement; it beckons listeners to pause, reflect, and perhaps find solace in the knowledge that in this vast, interconnected digital realm, our human essence still thrives. And as we navigate this new age, albums like “We’ve Already Happened” will serve as the anthems that keep us grounded.

Final verdict? It’s not just an album; it’s an experience, a voyage into the heart of digital modernity. Don’t just listen—immerse yourself. We’ve already happened, but the journey is only just beginning.

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