Weekly New Releases: Christian Parker, Bandits on the Run, Elisapie, Izzie Derry, Gemma Hayes, Leanne Galati, Límon Límon, Allen Anjeh, Dead Professional, and Old Man Canyon

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Christian Parker – “Forever Man”

On his new single, “Forever Man,” New York pop-rock singer-songwriter Christian Parker exhibits a potent union of enduring classic sounds and a fresh perspective. This stimulating track journeys into the soul of a man who yearns for eternity, a subject swamped in the tumultuous waves of capitalism, and the relentless pursuit of material wealth. The song feels like a pensive echo resonating through time, a profound testament that there are indeed many ways to lose oneself. With keen insight, Parker delivers a robust critique of our contemporary reality through an infectious, foot-tapping melody reminiscent of the classic Beatles sound.

Parker’s deep-seated admiration for the Beatles is evident throughout his work, as he masterfully combines intricate melodies with thought-provoking themes. However, his reverence for rock history doesn’t end there. His forthcoming project, “Sweethearts,” is a tribute to the Byrds’ influential folk-rock album, “Sweetheart of the Rodeo.” In “Forever Man,” Parker seamlessly channels the warmth of the Byrds, engulfing the track in the glorious harmonies and radiant guitar work characteristic of Roger McGuinn’s golden era. This fusion of classic influences and contemporary concerns produces a unique, timeless sound. The accompanying music video, directed by Morgan Elliott, beautifully encapsulates the nostalgic essence of the track, highlighting key moments from Parker’s life, subtly echoing the iconic imagery of the British Invasion. These visuals serve as a stark reminder that while material possessions may fade, the power of great music endures.

From his humble beginnings in the small town of Canton, New York, to his well-deserved recognition as an accomplished songwriter, Parker has crafted a unique sound through his expressive storytelling. Drawing from personal experiences and observations, he explores the human condition with keen insight and empathy, offering listeners a potent blend of emotional resonance and infectious melodies. With “Forever Man,” Parker offers us not only an engaging listen but also a thoughtful examination of our society’s values, ultimately reminding us that while material wealth may provide temporary satisfaction, it’s the intangible riches of life that truly matter.

Bandits on the Run – “Radio”

In their latest release, “Radio,” Brooklyn-based indie-pop-Americana trio, Bandits on the Run, delivers a unique blend of existential introspection and rhythmic joviality. The band, formed in the grit and echo of the New York City subway system, has morphed into a melodious force, their sound rooted in three-part harmonies and eclectic instrumentation. Their music often feels like a dreamlike journey through a fantastical mindscape, and “Radio” is no different. Band member Sydney Shepherd describes it as the expulsion of inner demons, a cathartic release from a world that feels like a funhouse mirror. However, the anxiety and dread are enshrouded in the whimsy and absurdity, painting a surreal portrait that lures listeners into its swirling vortex.

“Radio” revolves around the theme of how our perceptions are shaped and distorted by various media. The lyrics beckon listeners to huddle around the radio, the television, and the window, each representing different perspectives and truths. The song is a commentary on the fear and bewilderment that comes from facing the complex realities of the world. Moreover, it’s a reflection on the distorted perspectives we receive through our limited window to the outside world. The accompanying music video, directed by Josh Gelb, brings to life a surrealist world, a child’s imagination teetering between enchantment and terror. The video captures the claustrophobia and absurdity evoked by the lyrics, portraying the song’s essence through engaging visual storytelling.

Bandits on the Run’s musical prowess has been gaining recognition across various platforms, including NPR Music’s All Songs Considered and the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project. With “Radio,” the band further solidifies their space in the indie-pop-Americana genre. From its poetic lyrics to the intricate musical arrangement and the evocative video, “Radio” reflects the band’s ability to tap into the pulse of the human experience, distilling complex emotions into an enjoyable, melodic experience. As they embark on their summer tour, this contemporary troupe of troubadours is set to reach a wider audience, sharing their blend of music that’s as thought-provoking as it is tuneful.

Elisapie – “Isumagijunnaitaungituq (The Unforgiven)”

Elisapie, a multifaceted Inuk artist from the Arctic, has released her enchanting version of Metallica’s “The Unforgiven,” skillfully translated into Inuktitut as “Isumagijunnaitaungituq.” The cover is a nod to her childhood stint as a local radio DJ in Saluit and her memorable interaction with Metallica during their 1992 Quebec tour. “Isumagijunnaitaungituq” is one of the exceptional tracks from her upcoming album, Inuktitut, set to drop on September 15 via Bonsound. In this project, Elisapie ingeniously revitalizes and personalizes classics from music legends, such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac. She breathes new life into these iconic songs, ingeniously positioning them within the rich tapestry of Inuit traditions.

More than an artist, Elisapie is a director, composer, singer-songwriter, and activist, relentlessly working towards shedding light on her culture. From her first appearance in 2003, when she directed the documentary “If the Weather Permits,” to winning a Juno Award for Indigenous Music Album of the Year, her creative journey reflects a powerful sense of identity and heritage. With “Isumagijunnaitaungituq,” she takes this devotion a step further, transforming the song into a testament to her heritage. Drawing inspiration from her personal life events and the role of women in society, Elisapie weaves an intricate narrative that captures the essence of her cultural background. As she presents these reimagined classics in Inuktitut, Elisapie doesn’t merely cover these songs—she redefines them, creating a masterful fusion of past and present, global and local, personal and universal. This project reaffirms Elisapie’s position as a cultural custodian, offering the world a glimpse into the soulful, poignant heart of the Arctic.

Izzie Derry – “Try”

Izzie Derry unveils her latest track, “Try,” a gut-wrenching anthem that grapples with individuality and self-acceptance. Drawing influences from powerhouses like Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette, and Tori Amos, Izzie’s artistry shines through her raw lyrics and soulful melodies. Describing her song as a journey to self-acceptance, “Try” encapsulates the struggles she faced while growing up—feeling as if she never fit into societal expectations. Derry presents these emotions with an almost tactile realism, creating a striking resonance with anyone who’s ever felt out of place. Her sound has already received widespread acclaim, with features on BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6, and reviews from Le Future Wave and Music For The Misfits.

“Try” showcases the depth and authenticity of Izzie’s songwriting prowess. The lyrics—filled with defiance, introspection, and a compelling insistence on staying true to oneself—ring loud in every verse and chorus. “I don’t wanna live in a house on a street with some boring name / Do a job that I hate so I can sit there and complain / No I don’t even care anymore / Don’t wanna fit in their world I could never be that small” she sings, asserting her individuality amidst societal pressures. Her emotive vocal performance amplifies the power of her words, invoking a sense of empathy, liberation, and resilience. Derry’s success in the UK, including performances at The Big Feastival and Moseley Folk Festival, and her collaborations with renowned artists such as John Grant and Olly Murs, further amplify her artistic caliber. “Try” is a testament to Derry’s indomitable spirit, capturing her journey from self-doubt to self-acceptance. It’s a potent reminder that breaking molds and defying norms is not only acceptable but a celebration of one’s individuality.

Gemma Hayes – “High and Low”

In her highly anticipated return, Irish singer-songwriter Gemma Hayes takes listeners on an emotive journey with “High & Low,” her first release in nine years. An ethereal soundscape of melancholic strings, resounding piano, ukulele, and intimate vocals echo her long-standing expertise in crafting stirring indie folk-pop tunes. Hayes’ hushed, tender vocals coupled with the song’s atmospheric arrangement evoke a sense of yearning—a motif resonating throughout the track. Co-produced with the renowned David Odlum (The Frames), “High & Low” showcases a mature, evocative exploration of disconnection and the pursuit of human bonds. The single arrives on the heels of Hayes’ critically acclaimed 2014 album, “Bones & Longing,” marking an entrancing homecoming for the Mercury Prize nominee.

Hayes’ lyrical portrayal of longing and grief provides a profound backdrop for the ghostly narrative, proving that the track is indeed, as Gemma quips, not “a nice, happy dance floor anthem.” The accompanying video, directed by Allyn Quigley and shot on Whiting Bay Beach, deftly mirrors the song’s ethereal quality and melancholic undertones. The singer’s hiatus from releasing music has not dulled her star power or creativity, evidenced by sold-out shows at London’s Omeara and Dublin’s Whelan’s and her celebrated participation in the John Prine Celebration Shows. “High & Low” encapsulates a significant period of artistic self-expression and introspection for Hayes, marking a heartfelt, stirring return that echoes with her fans. It hints at the promising chapters yet to come in her discography, bringing a breath of fresh air to the indie folk/rock landscape.

Leanne Gallati – “Car Sick”

Unleashing an exuberant fusion of punk-pop and freedom, Leanne Gallati’s latest track “Car Sick” is a vibrant sonic escapade that proves a breakup can be cathartic rather than tragic. The track, barely three minutes in length, delivers a robust auditory experience, one that invokes the power-chord crunch and raw lyricism reminiscent of early No Doubt, yet flavoured with the distinct, sultry essence of Amy Winehouse. The lyrics scrutinize the idea of idealized perfection in a lover, capturing the liberating moment of disillusionment. Produced at Braund Studios with the deft touch of Gunnar Nagle at the mixing and mastering helm, “Car Sick” is a testament to Gallati’s knack for combining theatricality and pop rock in a singular, dynamic package.

Brooklynite Leanne Gallati, originally hailing from Long Island, is a force to be reckoned with in the indie pop-rock scene. With a background in musical theatre from Rider University and a stint as lead vocalist for funk-rock outfit Cosmonaut Radio, Gallati’s eclectic musical journey has shaped her solo sound into a unique blend that echoes influences from Lake Street Dive, Lawrence, and Rubblebucket. The fusion of pop and theatrical elements in her solo music renders Gallati’s work as engaging as it is infectious. Her collaboration with bandmates Josh Santiago (guitar), Austin Deyo (drums), and Sophie Mullens (bass/background vocals) only enhances the strength of “Car Sick”, establishing it as an anthem of release and self-liberation.

Límon Límon – “CALL NOW BUY NOW” feat. POULISH KID

“CALL NOW BUY NOW,” the latest track from the Los Angeles duo Límon Límon featuring German hitmaker POULISH KID, delivers a vibrant critique of Western consumer culture wrapped in a sheen of futurist indie groove. This international collaboration, sparked by a shared Spotify playlist, has led to a fusion of driving, distorted basslines, and crunchy electric guitars that resonate with an intensity apt for a blockbuster movie soundtrack. The song’s lyrics offer a sly commentary on society’s insatiable appetite for material possessions, using catchy and playful undertones to navigate this otherwise serious theme. Its pulsating energy and irresistible hooks make for a heady blend of social commentary and sonic indulgence.

Límon Límon, the Future Indie duo, has a knack for bridging the gaps – between past and future, left and right, up and down. Their compelling sound mixes expressive live instruments with original lyrics, interlacing both vintage and digital synths to create a rich, multi-textured auditory tapestry. The duo, consisting of Jason (vocals, guitar, bass) and Rand (keys, synths, drums), exemplifies West Coast music in its most radiant form. In “CALL NOW BUY NOW,” their unique style marries perfectly with the wry quirkiness of POULISH KID’s signature sound, making for a track that is as thought-provoking as it is sonically captivating. Their music doesn’t just provide an escapade, it also opens up dialogues, proving Límon Límon to be not just musicians, but potent cultural commentators.

Allen Anjeh – “Once in a Million”

Allen Anjeh’s new single, “Once in a Million,” released on June 23, 2023, via Universal Denmark, is an audacious melding of pulsating electronics and percussive beats that carves out its niche within the vast expanse of alt-R&B and soul. Co-written with London-based Nigerian artist/producer AZEKEL, the track explores the frustrating dynamics of one-sided relationships, portraying feelings of sacrifice and unreciprocated affection. Anjeh’s unmistakable voice, an amalgamation of her Cameroonian roots and Danish upbringing, resonates with intensity against the backdrop of the track’s skillfully constructed soundscape. This release builds anticipation for Anjeh’s forthcoming 5-track debut EP set to be released in August 2023.

Born and raised in Cameroon, Allen Anjeh brings an eclectic blend of influences to her music, from ’90s hip-hop to Cameroonian Makossa and Michael Jackson. Her unique blend of Neo Soul and R&B, with touches of Pop, African elements, and Jazz, is both a testament to her past and a beacon pointing towards her future. Anjeh’s lyrics are deeply rooted in her dual upbringing, focusing on themes of vulnerability, love, and communication barriers she has encountered. Her forthcoming debut EP, ‘Ó mmɛ ne’ or ‘This is me,’ encapsulates her distinctive artistry – the harmonious collision of her complex internal and external worlds. With a continuously evolving style and a burning creative flame, Allen Anjeh is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world music stage.

Dead Professional – “At Sea”

After a prolonged hiatus marked by physical tribulations and the ubiquitous global pandemic, Dead Professional returns with his new single, “At Sea.” This vibrant tune signifies a robust return to form for the Virginia-born, Philadelphia-based singer-songwriter, echoing his characteristic ultra-straightforward-rock approach that is at once infectious and familiar. Coupled with bittersweet harmonies and bombastic instrumentation, the track serves as an intimate reflection on his musical journey and a declaration of resurgence. Drawing on the resilience built during his challenging period of recovery, “At Sea” offers listeners an authentic experience that only deepens their connection with Dead Professional’s sound and narrative.

Dead Professional’s sound embodies a blend of guitar-focused rock and classic Americana. This unique amalgamation has drawn comparisons to esteemed artists from Kurt Vile to Tom Petty and Depeche Mode, demonstrating his wide-reaching appeal and his knack for reinventing the margins of American roots music. Overcoming a spinal cord injury that nearly cost him his voice and guitar-playing abilities, Dead Professional has channeled his experiences into redefining his sound and pushing the boundaries of his songwriting and production capabilities. His return in 2023 is a testament to his fresh determination to elevate music to new emotional and sonic heights. As Dead Professional carves out this new chapter, fans can look forward to witnessing the evolution of an artist who has truly grasped the essence of seizing the day.

Old Man Canyon – “Out of Reach”

“Out of Reach,” the latest offering from Old Man Canyon, is a sonic mirage that pulls listeners into a world of hypnotizing beats, sparkling chimes, and pulsing synths. It’s a world where yearning takes the central stage, a feeling carefully woven into the fabric of the track as the promise of “Someday, you’ll find what you’re looking for” is tenderly intoned. The song offers an intimate exploration of the relentless pursuit of satisfaction, embodying the paradox of a privileged character who, despite being surrounded by abundance, is forever seeking something more, always a step ahead of contentment.

Old Man Canyon expertly positions himself within the spectrum of psychedelic pop, effortlessly channeling aural echoes of celebrated artists like MGMT, Passion Pit, and Phoenix. His sound carries the kind of luscious complexity found in Miike Snow’s productions, as well as the nostalgic undertones that characterize Broken Bells’ music. With “Out of Reach,” Old Man Canyon encapsulates the profound sentiment of a dreamscape persistently elusive, the yearning for happiness forever displaced in time and space. It’s a poignant commentary on the human condition, wrapped in a shimmering package of synth-infused beats that are bound to resonate with fans of the genre and new listeners alike.

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