Double Feature: After Ours – “OK2DAY” and “Overcome”

After Ours, the self-proclaimed ‘head-nod-jazz’ duo from South Bend, Indiana, is set to take their audience on a musically rich journey with the release of their new album, “Music For Cats”. Comprised of Eli Kahn on 7-string guitars and Arthur Schroeder on drumset, the duo’s improvisational dexterity and dynamic range lend themselves to an irresistible sound that boasts hues of jazz, hip hop, and pop.

Before we get into the album, let’s look at a single featuring vocalist Hannah Laine & keyboardist Dutcher Snedeker of the band Earth Radio, “OK2DAY”, a potent and profound commentary on the socio-political landscape. It’s a multi-layered piece that tackles the vicissitudes of capitalism, police brutality, and the struggle to find inner peace amidst it all. The track’s heart lies in the lyrics – delivered in a thought-provoking stream of consciousness – that echo the disillusionment and desire for change that many listeners will relate to. With an underlying optimism, “OK2DAY” paints a candid picture of the world, while simultaneously offering a sonic sanctuary.

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When it comes to album tracks, a good starter is the impressive instrumental track, “Overcome,” a guitar-driven post-rock epic that speaks volumes without uttering a single word. Drawing inspiration from the human need to triumph against adversity, the track channels a sense of determination and resilience through its sweeping melodies and rhythmic complexities. It invokes the grandeur of bands like Pelican and Sigur Rós, harnessing the power of instrumental music to narrate a compelling journey of triumph. The intricate guitar lines coupled with Schroeder’s expansive jazz beat backdrops serve to create a deeply immersive sonic landscape.

After Ours’ “Music For Cats” is a testament to the duo’s diverse influences, musical dexterity, and the ability to curate sounds that are profoundly impactful. Fans will have the opportunity to experience this unique fusion of genres live during their upcoming tour, spanning across Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan from June 17th to July 9th.

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