Weekly New Releases: Kohla, Fold, District Title, Party Nails, My Sister, My Brother, His Old Chain, Vanstones, Andrew Huston, and Limón Limón

This week’s new releases were so good, we decided to do it twice! Welcome to another edition of Weekly New Releases on B-Side Guys! We are delighted to bring you another batch of fresh tracks that will satisfy your music cravings and introduce you to artists that are shaking up the scene with their distinct sounds and compelling narratives. From Indie darlings to Hip-Hop virtuosos, we cover an eclectic range of artists, each one breaking barriers and transcending genres in their unique way. As you dive into this week’s selection, prepare to be transported to new sonic landscapes, discover fresh musical perspectives, and connect with songs that speak to your heart. So, buckle up and let’s embark on this week’s musical journey!

Kohla – “Lovebites”

Kohla’s latest single, “Lovebites,” is a deeply introspective exploration of love and loss in the digital age. Written in a stream of consciousness after encountering an ex-lover’s photo on Instagram, the track navigates the murky waters of heartbreak and self-doubt that often accompany the end of a relationship. Kohla confronts the seeming contradiction of her ex’s apparent happiness post-breakup, set against her own loneliness, in starkly honest terms: ‘I meditate, take a walk, find me upstream / In waterfalls I will bathe ’til I’m Holy, / Back to my roots, I pray to be happy.’ She offers up a raw narrative that is both relatable and hauntingly beautiful.

Sonically, “Lovebites” is a harmonious blend of the past and present. Kohla draws inspiration from the romantic orchestral soul of Sam Cooke and Etta James, giving the song a timeless quality. Yet, working with creative partner Dave Lloyd (Stillhound), she integrates modern production techniques and chilled beats reminiscent of artists like Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, and Maggie Rogers. The result is a track that feels both familiar and utterly new. With “Lovebites,” Kohla lays bare her emotional vulnerability in a way that is as courageous as it is compelling. It’s a standout track from her debut album ‘Romance,’ and testament to Kohla’s ability to transform personal heartache into a universally relatable anthem of resilience and self-discovery.

Fold – “The Painful Truth”

Fold’s latest single “The Painful Truth” is a captivating fusion of soulful rhythm and thoughtful narrative, a tribute to the late bell hooks. Voiced by the visionary author herself, the track emphasizes the necessity of dissent in a society where the truth is endangered and suppressed. It creates a cinematic, jazz-funk soundscape, enriched with horn arrangements by long-time collaborator Emma Johnson. Each verse emphasizes the hunger for truth, implying that even in a society where dissent is stifled, people yearn for authenticity, making “The Painful Truth” an expression of societal commentary that manages to find a glimmer of hope amidst the adversity.

The song’s lyrics are powerful, succinct, and incisive: “Truth / Is an endangered space… That will to silence is growing / But I see the hope / People are really hungry / For truth.” These lines, articulated by hooks, convey a stark perspective of contemporary society where dissent is frowned upon, but also an affirmation that there remains a persistent hunger for truth. This hunger for truth ultimately underscores the potential for societal change, for as long as that hunger exists, there will always be space for dissent and free speech. “The Painful Truth” embodies Fold’s mission to amplify unheard voices and foster conversations that provoke thought and challenge norms. The Leeds-based band has once again demonstrated their unique knack for intertwining important messages with an engaging, rhythmically complex sound palette that captivates their audience and leaves a profound, lasting impression.

District Title – “You Say You’d Like To, You Never Will”

District Title’s “You Say You’d Like To, You Never Will” is a sharp critique of self-delusion, characterized by a no-holds-barred honesty that echoes through its energetic rock sound. Mixed by Peter Katis, known for his work with The National and Interpol, the track stands alongside the likes of Tokyo Police Club, Weezer, and The Strokes in its anthemic nature and lyrical introspection. It’s a sonic narrative of regret and realization, a confessional piece that acknowledges past mistakes with an almost self-deprecating frankness.

The lyrics resonate with the struggle against self-deception: “Of all the things I told myself that I chose to believe / The one where I’m unbreakable turned out the worst for me.” These lines, along with “You say you’d like to, you never will,” form the backbone of the song’s narrative, encapsulating the pain of unrealized potential and the harsh reality of broken promises. The metaphoric phrases, such as “A tiny helpless infant treading water in the Nile” and “A drunken father in the bleachers swearing at the other team,” further deepen the exploration of self-conflict and delusion. “You Say You’d Like To, You Never Will” comes off as a self-confrontational anthem, demanding listeners to face their own hypocrisies, and in doing so, presents District Title as a band capable of addressing human vulnerabilities with unvarnished candor. Through a balanced blend of melodic rock and poignant storytelling, the band invites listeners into an introspective journey that is as relatable as it is cathartic.

Party Nails – “Bull In A China Shop”

“Bull In A China Shop” by Party Nails presents a cathartic exploration of inner turmoil, set against the backdrop of a world in chaos. Known for her poignant alt-pop tunes, this LA-based singer, songwriter, and producer continues her tradition of introspective songwriting in this new release. Born out of a disorienting lockdown period full of troubling dreams and introspection, “Bull In A China Shop” reflects on personal experiences, fear, and confusion, offering a raw and relatable take on navigating tumultuous times.

The track, like Party Nails herself, embodies an intriguing balance of strength and vulnerability, merging the darkness of the subject matter with an infectious, uplifting production. The dichotomy further amplifies the inherent conflict in her narrative – a sense of disarray mirrored in the song’s title. The artist’s journey, from guitar-wielding tween in New York to an acclaimed LA-based producer, deeply informs her music, making her songs resonate with authenticity and emotional depth. As she continues to earn praise from the likes of Billboard, PAPER, and LADYGUNN, Party Nails reinforces her reputation as a multifaceted artist unafraid to bare her soul, striking a chord with listeners navigating their own ‘china shops’ in these uncertain times. “Bull In A China Shop” serves as a powerful testament to her musical journey, a reflection of her relentless resilience, and a beacon of hope for those grappling with their own internal chaos.

My Sister, My Brother – “Another Life”

The My Sister, My Brother duo returns with a playful exploration of parallel destinies in their new song, “Another Life.” This indie folk offering, packed with infectious tunes and charming narratives, sees the pair delving into the concept of alternative paths and hypothetical histories, creating a musically adventurous and lyrically compelling single. Drawing from the band’s distinct humor, the track leans into the possibility that the pair may have been separated at birth, weaving this into a whimsical, yet profound narrative that stands out for its originality and charm.

My Sister, My Brother, who debuted in 2020 and had to hit a pandemic-induced pause soon after, have emerged from their hiatus more potent than ever, demonstrating an evolved artistic maturity that is showcased in “Another Life”. The song is a teaser from their upcoming album “My Sister, My Brother II”, and if this track is any indication, the rest of the album promises a vibrant exploration of human experiences and emotions. “Another Life” exemplifies the duo’s ability to meld engaging storytelling with innovative musicianship, marking them as a force to reckon within the indie folk scene. With their focus on creating art with a deeper human mission, My Sister, My Brother continues to draw listeners in with their captivating narrative threads and the soulful delivery of their shared musical vision.

His Old Chain – “Back Home”

Vanstones – “Home”

Vanstones’ new single, “Home,” is a heartfelt tribute to bravery, adventure, and the pursuit of love. Crafted in the Americana genre, this song’s narrative is deeply tied to lyricist Amanda’s courageous leap of faith, moving across Canada from Toronto to the Yukon. This ambitious journey forms the backdrop of a beautifully penned story about finding one’s place in the world, told with honesty and emotional depth.

The lyrics convey a tale of anticipation, self-discovery, and an embrace of the unknown. The recurring theme of home, both as a destination and a state of mind, is deftly explored in verses punctuated by personal anecdotes and confessional pre-choruses. The heartfelt words, “You were meant for me / Felt your heart of gold / At your fingertips / All my fears are gone / Could it be we’re home,” resound with honesty and vulnerability, a testament to the power of love to overcome fear and uncertainty.

The acoustic instrumentation sets the foundation of the song, creating a rustic canvas upon which layers of soaring electric guitar paint sweeping, melodic landscapes. This fusion of traditional and modern elements underscores Vanstones’ trademark vocal harmonies, which lend an additional layer of emotional resonance to the track. “Home” is not just a song—it is an anthem of courage and the indomitable human spirit, a testament to following one’s heart, no matter the distance or the challenges that lie in the path. It encapsulates Vanstones’ knack for crafting captivating, authentic narratives set to evocative, harmony-rich Americana, marking them as an act to watch in the genre.

Andrew Huston – “Sleeping Sideways”

“Sleeping Sideways,” the first single off Andrew Huston’s forthcoming album, “Outward Kid,” presents a captivating blend of folk-rock storytelling reminiscent of seminal acts such as Wilco and Band of Horses. As the lyrics traverse the tumultuous terrain of a strained relationship, Huston’s knack for relatable narratives and contagious hooks shines through. This backwoods rocker, with its unflinching exploration of emotional struggle, is a testament to Huston’s ability to meld personal tribulations with a broader human experience.

The lyrics, deeply introspective and heart-wrenchingly honest, are set against a backdrop of rollicking rhythm and a blistering guitar solo. Lines like “So I’m back to sleeping sideways / I don’t know how I feel today” encapsulate a state of emotional disarray, the struggle of managing change, and the weight of broken promises. This vivid storytelling culminates in a poignant admission, “You never saw that bigger picture and everything it’d be,” voicing the song’s central theme—misunderstood intentions and the chasm between perception and reality. Overall, “Sleeping Sideways” is an exemplary slice of Huston’s lyrical prowess and innate musicality, setting an enticing stage for the release of “Outward Kid.” The song offers a compelling glimpse into Huston’s sonic world—one that effortlessly blends emotional vulnerability with a potent, rock-infused soundscape.

Limón Limón & Scoobert Doobert – “3:00”

“3:00,” the enthralling collaboration between Southern California acts Limón Limón and Scoobert Doobert, is a shimmering testament to the alchemical power of combined creativity. The track presents a harmonious blend of acoustic guitars and intimate vocals, which meld beautifully with soothing synths and an ethereal choir of ‘oooohs’ during the chorus—a sonic tapestry that may draw parallels to the transcendent sounds of Air’s “Moon Safari.” It’s a synthesis of elements that underlines the artists’ shared knack for stirring emotive soundscapes.

The duo Limón Limón, consisting of Jason and Rand, is known for their unique fusion of past and future, where traditional live instruments coalesce with layered vintage and digital synths. Their music is a dynamic take on West Coast sound that feels fresh and invigorating. This signature style is evident in “3:00,” where their innovative lyrics and expressive sound design shine, enhancing the delicate charm of Scoobert Doobert’s contribution. This seamless integration of two distinct sound-worlds creates a captivating aura of musicality that is both nostalgic and forward-looking. The song not only serves as an intriguing snapshot of each act’s creative prowess but also raises anticipation for their future projects, solidifying their places in the ever-evolving realm of future indie.

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