Monday Morning Mixtape: Yvie Oddly, Callum Gaudet, Divorce Court, Dan Boon, Raelle, Nina Luna, Sand, TheFleok, The Robians, and Dan Graul

Happy Monday, music lovers! We know the start of a new week can sometimes be tough, but here at, we’re all about infusing your routine with an irresistible musical pick-me-up. Grab your headphones, brew that much-needed coffee, and get ready for another edition of the “Monday Morning Mixtape”. Whether you’re battling the commute, wading through your inbox, or just trying to shake off the remnants of the weekend, our curated selection of tracks is sure to brighten up your Monday. As always, we’ve been digging deep to bring you an eclectic mix of emerging artists and hidden gems. So sit back, press play, and let us provide the soundtrack to your Monday morning.

Yvie Oddly – “Topsy Turvy”

Yvie Oddly’s “Topsy Turvy” is a proud proclamation of self, an intoxicating cocktail of brash lyricism and unapologetic attitude. The Denver native, needs no introduction to the drag scene or to reality television viewers. After her triumphant reign on the eleventh season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Oddly has been using her newfound platform to not only celebrate her identity but also to challenge the status quo of pop music.

“Topsey Turvy” serves as an audacious battle cry. Oddly’s verses are fiery and unabashed, set to a feverish beat that demands attention. There’s an undeniable swagger in her lyrics, a daring energy that permeates each line. “I’m wicked like mephisto, Devil at the disco… I do what I like, like what the f*ck is fomo?” Oddly’s lyrics feel like a deliciously defiant middle finger to societal expectations and norms. Coupled with her unrelenting flow and the infectious, booming beats, the track is a triumphant ode to individuality and self-empowerment. It’s a statement on the power of self-expression, a daring dance track that pulsates with both audacity and authenticity.

Callum Gaudet – “Ghosts”

Callum Gaudet’s “Ghosts” is a poignant exploration of family history and the relentless march of time, a brooding blend of Americana and indie rock. Coming from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Gaudet leverages his experiences as a globe-trotting hitchhiker and a laborer planting trees in treacherous terrain, channeling them into a powerful narrative that reverberates through raw guitar chords and stirring lyrics.

The track opens with a haunting refrain: “The ghosts came over the county line / And kissed your mouth with lips of ice.” This line, along with the others that follow, recount a tale heavily influenced by Gaudet’s grandfather and his experiences surviving the Holocaust. The lyrics provide a chilling imagery of death and change that’s simultaneously poignant and unnerving. Gaudet skillfully navigates this delicate territory with a storyteller’s touch, his words echoing like ghostly whispers against the backdrop of a Spanish-influenced indie rock groove. The interplay between the brooding music and the solemn narrative creates an atmospheric exploration of mortality, making “Ghosts” a thoughtful and deeply resonant offering. It’s a testament to Gaudet’s prowess as a songwriter, a deeply emotive track that lingers in the mind long after the last note has faded.

Divorce Court “Spill” feat. mau from nowhere

Dan Boon – “Strange Waters”

“Strange Waters” by Dan Boon is a buoyant beacon amidst the tumultuous waves of life, a reminder of our collective resilience and capacity to navigate through ‘strange waters’. Taking inspiration from his life and experiences, Boon infuses the track with dreamy undertones that underscore the constant flux of human existence. Emphasizing on the universal struggles – be it physical, mental, or spiritual – he addresses the challenges we all face, providing an auditory solace for those swimming against the tide of life’s harsh realities. Boon’s compassion rings through the line, “If you are in strange waters now, I’m pulling for you my friend.”

Emerging from Atlanta, Georgia, Boon demonstrates his versatility not only as a songwriter but also as a multi-instrumentalist. Even though he humbly describes his demos as rough, there’s a certain charm to this raw, unrefined sound that gives his music a tangible authenticity. He maneuvers through genres like rock, classic rock, indie, and blues, employing a broad sonic palette that mirrors the diversity of his thematic focus. Boon’s humility and unpretentious approach to music-making lend his artistry a refreshing quality, and while he acknowledges his desire to enhance his production skills, it’s evident that his narrative prowess and emotive compositions are capable of connecting with listeners on a profound level. “Strange Waters” is a testament to Boon’s talent and his commitment to producing music that resonates with the highs and lows of the human experience.

Raelle – “Falling”

“Falling” by South London soul singer Raelle is an evocative exploration of loss and longing, painted with strokes of emotive lyricism and ethereal vocal harmonies. Drawing from a rich musical palette inspired by the likes of Isaac Hayes, Beach House, and Janis Joplin, Raelle weaves an immersive narrative that touches upon the inherent vulnerability of human connection. Her poignant inquiry, “Where did you go? What did I do?” underscores the bewilderment and uncertainty that often accompanies emotional turmoil, as she repeats the word ‘falling’ like an echo bouncing off the walls of a hollowed heart.

Raelle’s rise to prominence in the music scene has been nothing short of meteoric. Being shortlisted for ‘Glastonbury Emerging Artists’ Longlist 2022,’ and earning support from the likes of BBC 1xtra DJs such as Jamz Supernova and DJ Target, are testaments to her musical prowess and promise. Her performance at renowned venues like The Jazz Café London and Royal Albert Hall’s Elgar Room add another feather to her cap. But it’s not these accolades that set Raelle apart; it’s her ability to transpose feelings into music, making each song an intimate conversation with her listeners. In “Falling,” Raelle masterfully captures the essence of her unique blend of classic soul, luring us into the depths of her world with a stirring narrative and a soothingly powerful vocal performance.

Nina Luna – “Periphery”

Nina Luna’s single “Periphery” is an engaging, piano-driven journey through the trepidation and anticipation of unsaid feelings in a burgeoning romance. The Minneapolis-based alt-pop singer-songwriter cleverly utilizes tempo changes to heighten the narrative of hopeful apprehension, starting with a haunting stripped-down introduction and building to a vibrant, energized chorus. Luna’s poignant lyrics and captivating vocal prowess reverberate powerfully over the ethereal and electro-tinged soundscape, creating a palpable tension that aligns with the emotional conflict explored in the song. The fact that Luna single-handedly wrote, recorded, produced, and mixed this track at home only adds to the authenticity and personal touch evident in her work.

From the mystical hills of New England to the vibrant cities of New York and Los Angeles, Nina Luna has absorbed the energy of various locales, shaping her unique alt-pop sound infused with natural mysticism and a zest for life. Her music treads the path of honesty and vulnerability, often cloaked in cinematic and otherworldly production that complements her ethereal yet potent vocals. Luna’s elusive allure, coupled with her undeniable talent, is reminiscent of renowned artists like Lorde, Florence + the Machine, and Taylor Swift, while still maintaining a distinct identity of her own. As she continues her string of 2023 releases and captivates audiences with high-energy performances alongside her backing band, Nina Luna’s star is unquestionably on the rise.

Sand – “Parasite”

“Parasite,” the newest release from Omaha-based pop and soft rock band Sand, is a captivating exploration of internal darkness and the fears that inhabit us. Haunting lyrics like “Don’t you wanna know if there’s sickness in your soul/Living off your light like a parasite” are set to catchy, infectious melodies, forming a compelling juxtaposition that simultaneously draws in and unsettles the listener. This exploration of our deepest fears, set to a danceable beat, becomes an anthem of self-awareness and courage, inviting the audience to confront and embrace the darkest corners of their psyche.

Sand’s distinctive blend of rock, jazz, and psychedelia layers complexity into the track. The unique integration of vocals-as-shaker and a cowbell invites listeners to face their fears, dancing in the shadows of their haunted memories. Lyrics like “Come into the light” and “Will you decide to let it go, parasite” play into this duality, suggesting the possibility of liberation from our inner demons. The band’s reputation for thought-provoking music and stirring live performances, acknowledged by nominations for Best Pop and Best New Artist from the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards, is clearly reflected in “Parasite.” This track proves that Sand continues to invite listeners into profound reflections on the human condition, transforming personal introspection into a shared, cathartic dance.

TheFleok – “locomotive spaces”

“Locomotive Spaces,” the latest offering from New York-based songwriter Leo Jergovic, stage name TheFleok, carries listeners on a poignant journey through the grayscale landscape of the human condition. The song is an ethereal commentary on the dichotomy of existence—exploring the tug-of-war between reality and facades, presence and absence, commitment and release. The lyrics “If I was with you/I wouldn’t move you/I wouldn’t fool you/If it just wasn’t true” offer a confession of authenticity, a plea for honesty in a world saturated with false fronts.

Jergovic’s knack for communicating the intensity of his live performances within the intimate confines of recorded music shines through in “Locomotive Spaces.” The lines “Let me go wide/Lay in the spaces/Sing about a town/Full of strange locomotive faces” conjure vivid imagery, echoing the feelings of alienation and a yearning for genuine connections. This visual language underscores TheFleok’s strength as a songwriter, his ability to transform personal experiences of heartbreak, loss, and frustration into a shared narrative.

The intimate heart of TheFleok’s music is laid bare in “Locomotive Spaces.” It is a testament to his ability to infuse raw emotion into his work, all the while using the backdrop of his diverse living experiences from California to Northern Italy to color his sonic landscapes. The song is a poignant exploration of emotional spaces, a reflection of the emptiness and longing that tinges the human experience. This track continues TheFleok’s tradition of creating music as a confrontation with profundity—a nuanced dialogue with the human condition expressed through melody and verse.

The Robians – “Step Out Of The Way’

Hailing from Mainz, Germany, The Robians have a reputation for melting pot music, drawing on influences from The Black Keys to Aerosmith. “Step Out Of The Way,” their latest track, is no exception. The song is an evocative dive into the tumultuous world of excess and despair. The songwriting duo of Robert Brück and Marian Schumacher has crafted a narrative that’s as bluesy as it is rock-infused, exploring themes of troubled youth, escapism, and the persistent pursuit of dangerous thrill. Lyrics like “These drunk men full of trouble/Yeah, were what I’ve waited for” and “Step out the way/ Yeah, Bring whiskey or gin” provide a raw insight into a narrative steeped in vice and rebellion, masterfully encapsulating the defiant spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

As the track unfolds, The Robians draw you into a tale of camaraderie, hardship, and self-destruction. The repeated refrain, “Step out the way/ Pour us some drinks/ Cause nobody’s holding us/ To fill that black hole in us,” is both a rally cry and a lament, a testament to the shared experiences and toxic cycles that bind its characters. This poignant exploration of deep-rooted insecurities and the desperate quest for solace in fleeting pleasures speaks to the universal human experience, making “Step Out Of The Way” a relatable anthem for those familiar with the darker corners of life. With this release, The Robians continue to honor their commitment to crafting puristic and emotionally charged music, providing an authentic, handmade musical experience that resonates on a profound level.

Dan Graul – “Remind Me” feat. Rebecca Graul

Dan Graul’s “Remind Me,” featuring Rebecca Graul, is a lyrical exploration of our alienation from nature, a psychedelic folk track that delves deep into humanity’s waning connection with Mother Earth. Born out of a hike in Sedona, Arizona, and inspired by a discussion on the disconnect shoes cause between us and the earth, this song weaves an evocative narrative of detachment and yearning. The track plays out as a poignant duet, between the voice of the increasingly isolated human being and the nurturing, omnipresent voice of the Earth, a dialogue set against the backdrop of intricate, ethereal instrumentation.

Dan Graul, with his theatre background and inclination towards collaboration, along with Rebecca Graul, have concocted an anthem for the Earth with “Remind Me,” in a captivating blend of psychedelic folk elements that amplify its core themes. Graul’s distinctive style of fusing theatrical storytelling with nuanced musical arrangements, honed over the years through his various projects, shines through in this new release. The Grauls have ensured that “Remind Me” serves not just as a song, but as a thoughtful commentary on our disconnection from our environment. The release of this track around Earth Day solidifies its message and intent. Through their artistic efforts, the duo echoes the spirit of the counterculture, crafting music that urges self-reflection and renewed respect for our planet.

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