Weekly New Releases: Nature TV, Monica Lee, Anna Rose, Wesley Adams Cook, COMBSY, Blueburst, and Milly Raccoon

Welcome back to another week of exciting new releases on B-Side Guys! As always, we’re committed to bringing you the freshest sounds from across the musical spectrum. Whether you’re in search of up-and-coming indie artists pushing the boundaries of creativity, or you’re yearning for the latest tracks from established names, we’ve got you covered. Our team has been tirelessly digging into the vibrant world of music to serve you a carefully curated selection that reflects the diversity and dynamism of the current scene. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the highlights of this week’s new releases. Trust us – your playlist is about to get a serious upgrade!

Nature TV – “Illusions”

Nature TV’s latest track, “Illusions,” sees the indie-pop foursome extend their sonic territory into the realm of psych-rock, creating a mesmerizing soundscape that tantalizingly blurs the lines between reality and imagination. The song builds on the evocative, relatable storytelling that has earned them millions of streams and significant airplay, and demonstrates a keen lyrical acuity that hones in on the existential struggle of love and longing. The opening lines, “Fear I’m only wasting time/Restless and roaming through the filth at night,” immediately set the stage for a nocturnal journey through both external landscapes and the internal terrains of the heart.

As the track unfolds, a compelling narrative begins to take shape, using a cinematic approach to encapsulate the experience of love as a phantasmagoric ride that alternates between overwhelming emotional intensity and poignant quietude. The refrain, “It’s all an illusion/A trick of the light /It’s all smoke and mirrors /At market price,” forms the thematic crux of the track, suggesting the transient and deceptive nature of passionate encounters. With the repeated invocation of images of light, rain, and driving, the song manages to create a unique sonic universe that aligns with the band’s psych-rock influences while still maintaining the melodic sensibilities of indie-pop. “Illusions” is yet another testament to Nature TV’s ability to craft songs that resonate on multiple levels, blending intricate musicianship with a profound sense of emotional introspection.

Monica Lee – “Summertime”

Monica Lee, the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter known for her enchanting children’s music, delivers a timeless rendition of the 1934 classic, “Summertime.” Known for her delicate lyricism and potent vocals, Lee brings a profound sense of warmth and a playful sensibility to this beloved standard, an unexpected yet wholly pleasing addition to her first children’s album, “You, Me and the Moon.” This cover beautifully complements the album’s theme, which reflects the profound bond between parents and their children, taking listeners on a journey that traces the contours of familial love, from playful exploration to tender moments of affection.

Monica Lee’s take on “Summertime” is both nostalgic and fresh, featuring her sweet and supple voice, which cascades over the melody with ease and grace. Her rendition retains the lulling, lullaby-like quality of the original, while her unique touch brings a new level of emotional depth to this familiar tune. The song’s timeless lyrics gain a new resonance when viewed through the lens of a parent-child relationship, becoming a testament to the tranquil moments of warmth and joy shared between a parent and their child during the summer months. The interplay between Lee’s vocal prowess and the subtle yet rich instrumentation creates a comforting sonic space, akin to a warm summer’s day where time seems to slow down. Monica Lee’s “Summertime” offers a heartwarming reinterpretation of a classic, demonstrating her exceptional ability to breathe new life into enduring songs and weave them into the fabric of her own musical storytelling.

Anna Rose – “Pray To The Trees”

“Pray To The Trees,” the latest offering from multi-talented singer-songwriter Anna Rose, emerges as an immersive exploration of selfhood and societal dynamics, presented with an air of mysticism akin to Florence + the Machine. Rose’s piercing vocals gracefully cut through a hauntingly atmospheric soundscape, articulating a deeply human narrative that stirs both contemplation and emotional response. Her frank assertion in the song – the call for self-reliance and the acknowledgment of our influence on each other – underscores Rose’s inherent courage and resolve. This anthemic track echoes the introspective intensity of its predecessor, “Alameda,” and carries forward the audacious spirit of “Back On My Bullshit,” further amplifying the anticipation for her upcoming album, “Last Girl of the Rodeo.”

With over two decades of experience in music creation and performance, Rose has established herself as a compelling force in the contemporary music scene. Her work on “Pray To The Trees” is no exception and indeed serves as a testament to her growth as an artist. The narrative embedded within the song is a reflection of her personal journey, a brave stripping away of artifice, and an unyielding commitment to authenticity and integrity. A rich tapestry of influences — ranging from classic rock to alternative-indie, pop, and country — imbues her music with cross-genre appeal. The seamless blend of these diverse elements, coupled with her vocal prowess and lyrical depth, sets the stage for “Last Girl of the Rodeo” to be her most incisive and personal release yet. By fearlessly confronting and discarding past constraints, Anna Rose seems poised to deliver a record that encapsulates the essence of her truth in a profound, unapologetic, and sonically compelling way.

Wesley Adams Cook – “Apple Of Your Eye”

“Apple Of Your Eye,” the latest single from burgeoning Colorado singer-songwriter Wesley Adams Cook, shines with a touching intimacy and melodic elegance that reflect his profound relationship with his mother. The instrumental soars, buoyed by luscious arrangements and a captivating melody that meshes seamlessly with Cook’s poignant lyrical storytelling. His distinctive style, blending indie rock with musical theatre and a singer-songwriter’s sensibility, manifests an infectious theatrical chamber pop, which continues to draw the listener into his emotional landscape.

In the creative process of “Apple Of Your Eye,” Cook’s interpretation of songs as psychological Rorschach tests shines through. His inclination to leave the meaning of his work open for listeners’ diverse interpretations reflects an artist’s empathy and a profound understanding of the subjective nature of musical interpretation. His detailing of the song’s creation, a product of vigorous studio collaboration with Chris, echoes the dedication and inspiration embedded within its harmonious structure. This effort yielded an emblematic victory in the studio on the final day of recording. The song then serves as an enduring testament to the power of trust in one’s creativity, emphasizing the value of artistic intuition in navigating challenges. “Apple Of Your Eye” promises to be a compelling teaser for Cook’s upcoming EP, “Caught In The Middle,” anticipated for release on June 9th. Through this song, Cook has begun to unravel the lyrical threads of his narrative tapestry, igniting curiosity for what the full EP will unveil.

COMBSY – “Melody Calls”

“Melody Calls,” the first single from COMBSY’s forthcoming album “Neon Eyes,” is an impressive exploration of the band’s synergetic brilliance. This Tulsa-based indie rock quartet, renowned for each member’s impressive individual accomplishments, forms a unique blend of experimental music that is simultaneously intricate and approachable. Their collective sound is reminiscent of revered acts like M83 and Radiohead, yet distinctively their own, captivating listeners through a distinct balance of rich sonics and innovative, thoughtful songcraft.

Each band member contributes unique flavors to the COMBSY’s palette: Chris Combs’ seasoned guitar and keyboard skills, Josh Raymer’s dynamic drumming and electronic flourishes, Aaron Boehler’s versatile bass and keys, and Costa Upson’s multifaceted role as a vocalist, keys player, and electronics handler. This highly skilled quartet, having previously performed and collaborated with some of the world’s top musicians, effortlessly integrates these divergent talents into an innovative pop sensibility. While “Melody Calls” offers an intriguing glimpse into their forthcoming album “Neon Eyes,” COMBSY’s reputation for delivering face-melting live performances since 2021 adds another layer of anticipation for the full-length album release set for Fall 2023. Through “Melody Calls,” COMBSY seems poised to transcend their already accomplished individual careers, delivering a collective musical experience that is as diverse and exciting as the members themselves.

Blueburst – “Train In Vain” (The Clash Cover)

With their cover of The Clash’s “Train in Vain,” Blueburst breathes new life into an established classic. Craig Douglas Miller, the 50-year-old mastermind behind the project, takes the original’s palpable heartache and imbues it with a fresh, more somber layer of disillusionment. Miller’s interpretation not only stems from personal heartache but also frames the lyrics as a poignant commentary on contemporary American life. The transformation from a song of romantic yearning to a dark, introspective anthem is seamless and emotionally striking, showcasing Miller’s adeptness at giving classic tunes a fresh perspective.

Blueburst, born out of Miller’s revived musical aspirations, presents “Train in Vain” as a testament to resilience and creative reinvention. Miller, whose initial foray into music during the 90s was cut short by depression and industry obstacles, has emerged from his long hiatus with a vibrant, guitar-heavy alt-rock sound. His collaboration with esteemed musicians Marty Willson-Piper, Michael Jerome, and Ryan Kelly breathes new life into Miller’s original songs, each track characterized by a timeless sonic blend of post-punk crunch, chiming melodies, and pounding rhythms. The transformation of “Train in Vain” serves as an exciting preview of Blueburst’s upcoming album, slated for release in Fall 2023, and promises an enriching journey of musical revival for Miller, now ready to share his innovative take on alt-rock with the world.

Milly Raccoon – “That Girl I Left Behind Me”

With her newest track, “That Girl I Left Behind Me,” Milly Raccoon proves she’s a bright new voice in the music scene. Raccoon’s charmingly smooth and emotive vocal style, reminiscent of artists such as Norah Jones and Iris DeMent, carries her tender narratives with the grace of a seasoned storyteller. This latest song—coming from her album ‘Frankincense and Myrrh,’ slated for release on July 7—offers a refreshing take on a traditional fiddle tune, infusing it with fresh lyrics that encapsulate her experiences with self-doubt and depression. It’s a deeply personal song that resonates in the current moment, reminding listeners that while growth can be challenging, it’s also a necessary part of life.

A one-time busker turned Nashville singer-songwriter, Milly Raccoon exhibits a distinctive dreamy style in her music. Her delivery of “That Girl I Left Behind Me” articulates her journey of self-discovery and liberation, evoking a sense of poignant vulnerability that’s undeniably relatable. Coupled with her fiddle’s charming melodies, Milly Raccoon’s music is a testament to the healing and transformative power of artistic expression. As she reinvents an ancient tune through a deeply personal lens, listeners are left eagerly anticipating what Milly Raccoon has in store for the rest of the ‘Frankincense and Myrrh’ album.

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