New Release Friday – Planky & 2nd Generation Wu, Philip Morgan Lewis, The Habits, Alanna Matty, Love You Later, Homes at Night, Grooblen, King Black Acid

Planky & 2nd Generation Wu – “Rescue Me”

In “Rescue Me,” Planky, a UK-based beatmaker and producer, emerges from a two-year hiatus with renewed energy and an ambitious international collaboration. Teaming up with 2nd Generation Wu, the offspring of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan, Planky demonstrates his adaptability and creative prowess by blending his signature gritty sound with the raw talent and undeniable charisma of the rising rap group. The result is a soulful, edgy track that pays homage to its Wu-Tang roots while carving out its own unique space within the contemporary hip-hop landscape.

Planky’s masterful production on “Rescue Me” is underscored by live instrumentation from drummer Louis Sellers and bassist Dean Gladwyn, imbuing the track with an organic, gritty energy that perfectly complements 2nd Generation Wu’s lyrical prowess. The synergy between Planky and 2nd Generation Wu is palpable, as the two entities effortlessly weave together their respective styles and influences to create a seamless, captivating sound. This successful collaboration serves as a testament to Planky’s growth as a producer, as well as a tantalizing preview of what’s to come from his partnership with 2nd Generation Wu.

“Rescue Me” is a powerful and dynamic single that is sure to leave fans eager for more from both Planky and 2nd Generation Wu. The release includes a radio edit and an instrumental version, allowing listeners to fully appreciate the intricate layers and textures of the track. As Planky and 2nd Generation Wu prepare to unveil their second collaboration later this year, “Rescue Me” stands as a compelling reminder of the creative heights that can be achieved when artists from different backgrounds and generations come together to create something truly special.

Philip Morgan Lewis – “When You’re Shattered”

“When You’re Shattered” marks a triumphant return for the multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer, Philip Morgan Lewis. Released on April 27th, 2023 via TX2 Records, and as a limited 7″ vinyl pressing, this captivating single serves as the first taste of his upcoming EP album due out on June 20th. With a track record of working with some of the biggest names in music and garnering acclaim from the likes of BBC Introducing, Planet Rock, and Annie Mac, Philip Morgan Lewis demonstrates his undeniable skill and versatility in this powerful new release.

The emotive and soulful “When You’re Shattered” showcases Philip Morgan Lewis’s impressive range as a musician, taking on vocal duties, guitar, bass, percussion, and keys, while Annick provides backing vocals and adlibs. Written, produced, recorded, and mixed by Lewis at Tower Studio, the track is polished to perfection by Fred Miller’s mastering in Copenhagen and Tasha Trigger L.T.T.G.’s vinyl cut. The poignant lyrics paint a vivid picture of heartbreak and emotional turmoil, offering listeners a deeply relatable and cathartic experience.

Lyrically, “When You’re Shattered” addresses the struggle of facing emotional pain and the need to confront it head-on. Lines like “Your body’s torn to pieces / Your mind is drifting free” and “When you’re shattered / Don’t even try to hide” emphasize the vulnerability and rawness one experiences when grappling with internal turmoil. Philip Morgan Lewis’s rich musical history, which includes sharing the stage with renowned acts like Deee-Lite and Underworld, writing a platinum-selling single, and composing music for TV, shines through in “When You’re Shattered.” As anticipation builds for the EP’s release, this single stands as a testament to Lewis’s continued growth and evolution as an artist. With its haunting melody, evocative lyrics, and expert production, “When You’re Shattered” is sure to leave a lasting impression on both new and longtime fans.

The Habits – ” The Birthday Song”

“The Birthday Song” by The Habits is a potent exploration of heartache and the emotional front people put up after a breakup. Kicking off with the deceptively petty line, “tonight’s my birthday party, you’re not invited,” vocalist/guitarist Wolf Bradley and drummer Andrew Macatrao skillfully build the song into a heartfelt crescendo. The track captures the all-too-familiar facade of “I’m over it and doing great,” while simultaneously unraveling the vulnerability beneath it. The song’s relatable narrative follows a heartbroken protagonist getting drunk at their birthday party and impulsively taking a $5 Uber to their ex’s house, only to confront the painful realization that they’re living in the past.

The Habits, consisting of Bradley and Macatrao, have come a long way since their initial meeting as teenagers at Bradley’s parent’s ballet school. After bonding over music and countless jam sessions, the duo eventually settled on their band name and began their journey in the music industry. In 2019, their single “Casual” dominated KROQ’s “Locals Only” playlist and garnered attention from SiriusXM’s Alt Nation and DC 101. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the band released their successful EP, “What’s the Worst That Can Happen?”, featuring the hit single “Shoulders,” which won a Best Pop Video at the California Music Video Awards in 2021.

Collaborating with American Authors bassist Dave Rublin, The Habits have recently produced and co-written their latest earworm, “Don’t Need A Hero.” As the band’s unique sound and upbeat attitude continue to evolve, they are poised to embark on a spring tour and release their introspective EP, “I Think I’m Fine But I Don’t Know,” later this year. With their infectious songs and refreshing approach to music, The Habits are set to captivate audiences far and wide as they share their message and expand their reach.

Alanna Matty – “Rabbits”

Alanna Matty’s introspective single “Rabbits” captures the bittersweet feeling of living in a fleeting moment while knowing it’s coming to an end. The song, written in bits and pieces during the Canadian leg of her recent tour, sees Matty reflecting on the sense of belonging she felt while living her dream as a touring musician. Each chorus encapsulates a specific moment in time, while the verses delve into the experiences she had on the road, from swimming in oceans to being humbled by the mountains. The song is a tribute to falling in love with a journey, grappling with turning 30 and feeling late to the party, and embracing the awe and wonder of life on the road.

Toronto-based musician, producer, and partnered Twitch streamer Alanna Matty masterfully blends indie-folk and dream-pop to create meaningful connections with her audience. With nearly 300,000 plays on Spotify and a regular audience of over 1,000 viewers on her live streams, Matty’s musical prowess is undeniable. Fresh from her first North American tour, her music has made its way into video games, TV shows, and viral videos. Her recent single “End Up Alone” was described as a “slow-burn beauty that curls around you like a haze of cigarette smoke” (Shannon Linton, Dominionated).

When she’s not creating music or performing, Alanna Matty is a professional video game sound designer and music producer. Her passions extend beyond music, as she can often be found walking her corgi, building furniture, or immersing herself in other creative projects. As she prepares to move to Halifax, Canada, Matty’s evocative songwriting and ability to connect with her audience ensure that her impact on the music scene will only continue to grow.

Love You Later – “Long Sleeves”

“Long Sleeves,” the final single from Love You Later’s upcoming EP, ‘From The Window Seat,’ set to release on May 5th, is a beautifully introspective track that delves into the complexities of love and loss. The song captures the emotional turmoil of falling in and out of love, leaving one unsure of what’s real anymore. With brutally honest lyrics, “Long Sleeves” stands out as an emotionally resonant track on the EP, feeling deeply personal to the artist.

Love You Later, the solo alt-pop project of 24-year-old Nashville-based artist Lexi Aviles, is known for her electric melodies, honest lyrics, shimmery guitar riffs, and euphoric synths. Her dreamlike music has already garnered over 8 million streams across her discography and support from tastemakers like MTV, Ones To Watch, and UPROXX. In addition to her growing online presence, Aviles has shared the stage with acts like OneRepublic, Dayglow, Briston Maroney, and joan, and sold out a headlining show at Nashville’s legendary EXIT/IN.

“Long Sleeves” will join previously released singles such as “Keepintouch,” “Are You Gonna Care When I Die?” and “Girl With Headphones” on Love You Later’s forthcoming EP, ‘From The Window Seat.’ The EP, which showcases Aviles’ unique blend of alt-pop and emotional storytelling, will be available on all streaming platforms on May 5th, further solidifying Love You Later’s position as a rising star in the music scene.

Homes at Night – “Texaco”

Nashville-based duo Homes at Night, featuring songwriters Hank Compton and Aksel Coe, presents their new single “Texaco,” a catchy yet heartfelt alt-rock hit that captures life’s transitional moments and the process of letting go of toxic habits for personal growth. The song’s production conveys a sense of release or detachment, evident in the dramatic final chorus. Homes at Night’s sound is both nostalgic and modern, blending alternative pop/rock with organic instruments, synth-driven soundscapes, cinematic hooks, and a percussive pulse.

Their 2022 debut EP, If You Were a Stranger, showcases the band’s indie sensibilities and story-driven songwriting, nodding to their Nashville roots while pushing beyond traditional boundaries. Created during the global pandemic, the EP explores themes of dying relationships, new beginnings, and catharsis, featuring a mix of bombastic anthems and hushed, Elliot Smith-inspired indie pop.

In addition to their growing streaming presence, Homes at Night is currently on tour with Saint Motel and will join Arts Fishing Club for dates in May and June. Their unique blend of genres and heartfelt storytelling make Homes at Night a standout act in the music scene, connecting with listeners who seek comfort and support in their journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Grooblen – Twiggy Molts

Grooblen’s latest release, “Twiggy Molts,” is a softly insistent reflection on solitude and detachment, showcasing the avant-pop artist’s ability to draw inspiration from unconventional sources. Written by Ellie Stokes after her pet gecko lost an eye during a shedding cycle, the song explores the feeling of detachment from friends and family, drawing parallels between Stokes’ own experiences and that of her gecko. The lyrics, such as “Sometimes it’s frustrating / Because I am so solitary / Doesn’t mean I don’t like fun / I hope my skin sheds really quickly / so I can smile at what I know to be the sun,” encapsulate the essence of the track—finding hope and solace in life’s challenges and embracing the unknown.

“Twiggy Molts” is featured on Grooblen’s forthcoming album, A Wormhole Is A Freeway To The Stars, which is characterized by the artist’s fearless pursuit of the unconventional. Previous releases include the psych-infused “Gastropod,” which employs a snail shell as a metaphor for depressive self-preservation, and “Escher Girl,” a commentary on the objectification of women in comics. The accompanying visual for “Twiggy Molts,” created by Tori Leonhardt, employs flowing CGI that syncs with Grooblen’s light piano arpeggios, creating an immersive space for listeners to reflect on the song’s message.

Since its inception in 2020, Grooblen has evolved from a solo project featuring a rotating cast of musicians to a dual-natured endeavor, encompassing both a solo studio undertaking and a trio on stage with Alejandro Lara-Agraz on bass and Sean Aaron on drums. Throughout this journey, Grooblen has explored new sounds and textures with unwavering spirit, ranging from the lo-fi minimalist beats of “Confused Humans” (2020) to the introspective balladry of “R.E.M. Dog” (2021) and the spacey alt-pop of “Escher Girl” (2022). A Wormhole Is A Freeway To The Stars, set for release on June 23rd, promises to be a unique and compelling exploration of Grooblen’s ever-expanding sonic universe.

King Black Acid – “Kissed at the Cemetery”

Although King Black Acid’s single “Kissed at the Cemetery” has already been released, the captivating music video just dropped today. The song itself is a dirt wave bubble grunge ballad that tells the story of teenage lovers who defy societal norms by smoking pot and making out at the cemetery. The music video, animated by Daniel Riddle (King Black Acid) and tattoo artist Kat Perkins, portrays an alien abduction on a rural farm, where the farmer’s teenage goth kids heroically fend off the grey alien hybrid creatures. The use of dimensional animation in a hand-built set adds to the video’s intrigue and charm.

“Kissed at the Cemetery” is the second single from King Black Acid’s full-length album “The Rainbow Lodge,” which draws on the glamour of various musical styles from the ’70s to the 2000s, including bell-bottom rock, post-punk no wave college rock, fuzzed dirt pop, and cerebral psych electro-stoner core. The album takes listeners on a schizophrenic journey, with each song offering a symphony of sonic melodic images punctuated by triumphant, intoxicating adventures.

King Black Acid, a collective of musicians orchestrated by founding member Daniel Riddle, has shared stages with notable artists such as Elliott Smith, Nirvana, Low, Moby, Sonic Youth, The Dandy Warhols, Faith No More, Dead Moon, Menomena, The Fugees, Arctic Monkeys, and Spacemen 3. Their music has also been featured in movies and television shows like CSI Miami, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, UnderWorld III Rise Of The Lycans, The Mothman Prophecies, WitchBlade, Dream With Fishes, Do Me A Favor, Phoenix, MTV’s Real World, and CNN Sports, among others.

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