Fresh Tracks Friday – Amos Waits, Jesse Detor, Kadeli, Mimi Pretend, Boring Lauren, Vinyl Williams

Amos Waits – “Berlin Blue”

With “Berlin Blue,” dream pop duo Amos Waits has delivered a hauntingly beautiful track that speaks to the heart of modern-day gaslighting. The song’s lyrics paint a picture of someone lost and directionless, longing for someone to bring them back to where they were before. Themes of self-reflection, desire, perfectionism, and emotional suppression are woven together in a melancholic yet hopeful mood, with a sense of longing for something more.

Amos Waits crafted “Berlin Blue” entirely in their home studio, showcasing their impressive musicianship on synthesizer, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals. The track is defined as an antidote for heavy metal poisoning and a beautiful historic color pigment, and the band reimagined this meaning as a remedy for the torment of living in your head. The song’s mix and additional recording were done by Josh Korody at Candle Studios, adding a layer of professional polish to an already impressive offering.

Overall, “Berlin Blue” is a stunning addition to the dream pop genre, with Amos Waits showcasing their skills as both musicians and producers. The song is an honest take on the mixed signals that come with starting a new connection, and it’s a must-listen for anyone who’s ever felt lost in their own head.

Jesse Detor – “Warning”

Jesse Detor’s latest single, “Warning,” is a passionate and fiery call to let loose. With a catchy riff and pounding drums, the Boston-based pop/rock artist shows off her 90’s rock-inspired sound with a modern twist of pop. The track draws comparisons to iconic female-fronted bands like Hole, Veruca Salt, and Olivia Rodrigo, making it a must-listen for anyone looking for a dose of grungy nostalgia.

In “Warning,” Jesse Detor passionately sings about her frustration and disappointment in a lackluster relationship with a person who she finds dull and unfulfilling. The lyrics touch on the narrator’s fleeting encounters with someone with a different accent, adding to the sense of longing for something new and exciting. The overall tone of the song is melancholic and resigned, but the infectious energy of the instrumentals leaves listeners with a sense of empowerment and a desire to break free from what’s holding them back.

“Warning” is a powerhouse of a track that showcases Jesse Detor’s rockstar potential. With its powerful guitar riffs, driving bassline, and infectious chorus, the song is a standout in the world of pop/rock. If you’re a fan of 90’s alt-rock, then this is definitely a track you don’t want to miss.

Kadeli – “Burn Down Together”

Kadeli’s latest single “Burn Down Together” is a short but explosive indie/alt pop song that packs a punch. With influences from artists like Brakence, Eden, and Glaive, Kadeli’s music is perfect for those who want to dance or add a touch of melancholy to their playlists. The song’s catchy chorus, “If it all burns down can we burn down together / If we have to grow old can we grow old together,” is a plea for a deeper connection, but also hints at the fragility of relationships.

The lyrics of “Burn Down Together” delve into the complexities of love, heartbreak, and the struggle to find one’s true self. With dark, distorted alt R&B beats and introspective lyrics, Kadeli tells a story of two people who might not be meant for each other, but still yearn for a deeper connection. The song’s intentionally short length is reminiscent of a relationship that burns too quickly, leaving behind a trail of heartache and confusion.

Kadeli’s music is a creative outlet for him to share his emotions with the world. Heavily inspired by artists like Joji, EDEN, keshi, and Jon Bellion, Kadeli’s music is a blend of Alt R&B, Bedroom Pop, Pop, Alternative, Hip Hop, and Punk with electronic undertones. “Burn Down Together” showcases Kadeli’s ability to combine his diverse musical influences with his own unique sound, making him an artist to watch in the indie/alt pop scene.

Mimi Pretend – “Guys in LA”

Mimi Pretend’s latest release “Guys in LA” is a refreshing take on heartbreak anthems, with an introspective twist. The song doesn’t dwell in sadness, but instead urges listeners to pick themselves up and take a road trip with their best friend. Mimi Pretend’s ethereal vocals still create a dreamy atmosphere, but with the added infusion of an upbeat rock ballad, the song is sure to make you want to turn up the volume and dance away your heartache.

The DIY nature of the recording, done completely in her own bedroom, adds an intimate quality to the track. Collaborating with Chris Ostler from Black Honey on mixing, Mimi Pretend has created a perfect song to listen to when you need a break from heartbreak. The lyrics explore themes of hedonistic escapism, falling in love with a gambler, and the price we pay for love. The somber yet introspective tone of the lyrics is juxtaposed with the upbeat tempo of the music, creating a unique and compelling listening experience.

“Guys in LA” showcases Mimi Pretend’s versatility as an artist, with elements of pop, dance-pop, and synth-pop. The blend of these genres creates a sound that is uniquely her own. This third single from her upcoming EP is proof that Mimi Pretend is a rising star to watch in the indie pop scene.

Boring Lauren – “session3”

Boring Lauren’s “session3” is a haunting and introspective track that delves into the pain of watching someone you love succumb to addiction. With its dark and brooding Art Pop sound, the song captures the complexity of emotions that arise when faced with the helplessness and sense of loss that comes with addiction. The instrumentation and arrangement perfectly reflect the raw emotions that inspired the song, with the ominous synth and driving beat creating a feeling of urgency and desperation.

The lyrics are deeply personal and introspective, highlighting the struggles of dealing with substance abuse and codependency. Boring Lauren’s raw and honest approach to songwriting is on full display in “session3,” as she pours her heart and soul into every line. Despite the weighty subject matter, there is an uplifting and hopeful energy to the track, as the speaker tries to find a way to cope with the pain and move forward.

Overall, “session3” is a powerful and cathartic track that showcases Boring Lauren’s incredible talent as a songwriter and musician. With its dark and brooding Art Pop sound, the song is sure to resonate with anyone who has dealt with addiction and its impact on those they love. It’s a must-listen for anyone looking for a raw and emotionally powerful musical experience.

Vinyl Williams – “Petroglyph”

Vinyl Williams’ latest offering “Petroglyph” is a stunning piece of celestial pop music that transports you to another world. The LA-based artist has long been known for his ability to seamlessly blend subtle aspects of spacey soundscapes into his harmonious pop tracks, and “Petroglyph” is no exception. Inspired by the perfect eclipse created by the Moon and the Sun’s proportions, Williams creates a lush paradise of sound that is both otherworldly and deeply rooted in the natural world. Collaborating with self-producers such as Chaz Bear of Toro Y Moi and Samira Winter, Williams has crafted a universe of sound that is both mesmerizing and awe-inspiring.

Drawing inspiration from a long line of LA-based musicians, as well as Brazilian masterminds such as Arthur Verocai and Lo Borges, Williams has created a sound that is entirely his own. With layered dreamscapes and a mix of spoken word classes and ethereal vocals, “Petroglyph” is a journey into a world of peace and exploration. As Williams takes the stage for his spring tour, it’s clear that this is an artist on the rise, with a sound that is sure to captivate audiences both new and old.

Overall, “Petroglyph” is a stunning addition to Williams’ already impressive discography, and a testament to his ability to seamlessly blend pop music with spacey soundscapes. With its lush soundscapes and ethereal vocals, this track is sure to be a fan favorite on Williams’ upcoming tour. If you’re a fan of indie rock and psychedelic sounds, Vinyl Williams is an artist you won’t want to miss.

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