Mid-Week Mixtape: Bay Ledges, Bears in Hazenmore, Man or Lion, Bullhead*ded, LaFrancis Vibes

Bay Ledges – “I Remember”

Bay Ledges’ latest single “I Remember” is a heartwarming tribute to the carefree days of youth, brought to life with indie-pop rhythms that transport listeners to a simpler time. Zach Hurd, the singer/songwriter behind the L.A.-based band, delivers soulful lyrics that capture the joy of wandering home from school and daydreaming in the grass near his childhood home in Bath, Maine. Paired with bright guitar riffs, synth lines, and lively beats, Hurd’s duet with his sister Georgia channels a potent nostalgia that’s both wistful and spirited.

Produced in collaboration with Miro Mackie, known for his work with The Neighbourhood and St. Vincent, “I Remember” employs vintage production gear that adds a gracefully timeworn feel to the track. This effect, combined with Bay Ledges’ playful experimentation and beat-driven approach to songcraft, gives the song a fresh yet timeless sensibility. With Bay Ledges’ appearance at several festivals, including KAABOO Del Mar and Summerfest, “I Remember” is a perfect anthem for the warm summer days ahead.

Bears in Hazenmore – “In Your Head”

The ambient alternative rock group Bears in Hazenmore released their debut full-length album Atlas in 2018, featuring songs centred thematically on memory and its tie to specific locations. “In Your Head” is a song from this album, and according to the band, it was inspired by Phil Collins’ “Invisible Touch.” The song starts with lyrics about feeling stuck in life and not remembering why you wanted to pursue your current path. The push and pull of the life you chose is represented as standing in silhouette, drawing close. The lyrics also touch on the fear of starting or ending a fight, going over thoughts in your head, and hearing “bullshit words” that all sound the same.

The band’s music is known for creating atmospheric soundscapes, using reverb-saturated guitars, dynamic percussion, and ethereal brass and woodwind textures. They draw strong influences from groups like City and Colour, Aidan Knight, and Bon Iver. The five members of the group, all originally from Swift Current, Saskatchewan, have toured extensively across Canada since the release of their first EP in 2014. They have also collaborated with singer-songwriter Megan Nash, arranging full-band parts for her music and performing as her backing band. Nash’s album Seeker, on which Bears in Hazenmore collaborated, was released in 2017 and received critical acclaim.

Man or Lion – “Into the Mist”

“Into the Mist” is a folk-inspired, Americana-influenced track with a catchy and joyful melody. The song is an intimate yet strong indie folk track that highlights Man or Lion’s musical roots in both Europe and America. Man or Lion is the solo project of Mario Francken, a singer-songwriter from Antwerp, Belgium. He has been playing music since his teen years and has played in various bands, including King For A Day, De Spoel, and Wolvesman. In 2017, he was invited by producer Nick Benoy to write a song for his final exam at the Ghent Music Conservatory, which resulted in the creation of “Into the Mist.” The track was recorded at the Bijloke Studios in Ghent, which is a famous location for the Ghent Jazz Festival. With his soft and crystal-clear voice, Man or Lion has been compared to artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Fleet Foxes, José Gonzalez, Eddie Vedder, and Mumford & Sons.

Bullhead*ded – “Keep My Distance”

Bullhead*ded’s “Keep My Distance” is a high-energy single that is part of the project “Boiled Bones”, which is chapter one of the Brazen series. The Brazen series is a three-part story that takes the audience on a fantastic journey, with each EP representing a different part of the story. In conjunction with the EPs, Bullhead*ded will also release comic books that tell the story of “Our Young Hero”. The story takes place in a not-too-distant future where technology and religion have merged, and the government rules with an iron fist, outlawing freedom of speech and thought. “Boiled Bones” starts with a pirate radio broadcast, much like the comics, and introduces “Our Young Hero”, who was given a life not much different than most. As the story unfolds, an epic saga is revealed, and by the end of the Brazen series, the audience realizes that they were “Our Young Hero” all along.

LaFrancis Vibes – “Floating”

LaFrancis Vibes is an electrifying duo currently bringing their fresh grooves to the global stage. Their sound is genre-defying and impossible to pigeonhole, though it lands somewhere between the smooth world of alternative R&B and the jumpy, synth-dripped rhythms of modern jazz and funk. The duo is made up of a keyboardist/producer and a guitarist, who met in college and both share the same lifelong love for music. They write the songs together and have released two singles to date. Their debut EP came out on the 18th of September 2020. “Floating” is their debut single, and it’s a groovy listen with live instrumentation and a vibe that speaks louder than words.

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