TOTD: LUI HILL “Words Become Useless”

LUI HILL takes our late night track with his new single, Words Become Useless. This is the third release from his upcoming album, “5000 Miles,” which will go live this coming August. It also has a really cool video with it that I will post below.

LUI HILL is one of those artists that I’ve never heard of, but when I hear his music, it sounds like a familiar hug. It’s a similar feel, a similar sound, and similar lyrics to things that I’ve heard before, but it feels so comforting every time I hear it. Then, at the :30 mark, the hug gets tighter, warmer. Finally, when the synth and the beat really kicks in at around the minute mark, I’m embraced in this bear hug, lifted on the ground, feet flailing, and my heart racing. LUI HILL gives the best hugs.

“There comes a time,
when there is nothing left to say
All words are useless,
sent from a thousand miles away
This is the time,
I need your heart beating next to mine
All words are useless,
if your heart is beating next to mine”

My assessment of this song is tainted after watching the video below, but I’m still going to stick with it. Watch the video to see what I mean. In this song, there is a relationship that has been damaged due to distance. We’ve all been there. It could be anything from a summer camp crush, a partner moving across the country for a job opportunity, or moving across state lines to move back in with your parents because your degree doesn’t automatically come with ‘5-8 years of experience,’ so it’s basically just a $70,000 piece of paper. Ya know. Nothing too specific here… just generic circumstances. Anyways, in these long distance relationships, there becomes a time where words, no matter how meaningful and beautiful, don’t make up for the person not being present. Until I saw the video, this song was about that. Watch the video below, and tell me what you think.

Either way, it’s a stellar new song, and LUI HILL should have a spot on everyone’s playlists.

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