Morning Commute: Tilde “Our Day Won’t Come”

Swedish soul standout, Tilde, has absolutely crushed it with her second single from her debut album that’s set to release this fall. Yep, you read that right. This is going to be Tilde’s debut album. Get on the hype train now because she is in a position to do really cool things. Tell your friends about her before they hear her on the radio, or at least post a status about her on Facebook, so on this day next year you can share the fact that you’ve been listening to her for a year when everyone’s just finding out about their new favorite artist.

Our Day Won’t Come starts out very clean with Tilde’s voice captivating you immediately, but the key is at the :42 mark when the chorus kicks in, and the children’s choir* joins Tilde while a crew of pirates* echo their sea shanty: “Our day won’t come.” The symphonic strings that keep the track running forward while Tilde takes her time feels like seeing a dog walker in New York: the dog is beautiful and elegant, but without the human holding the leash, the dog might get loose and run into the road. The dog is what everyone wants to see, but the dog walker is the one who is holding everything together.


Lyrically, Our Day Won’t Come seems to be talking about grabbing hold of destiny, and forcing it to do what you want because if you wait for your day to come, you’ll be waiting forever. That’s why I picked it for the morning commute this morning. If you’re listening to this on the way to your job that you absolutely hate, something needs to change. I’m not saying you walk in and quit today. I’m just saying figure out how to take what you know, who you know, and what you’re willing to learn, and parlay that into something you’re passionate about.

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