TOTD: Nick Ralg “It’s a Life”

When songs come along like this one, it makes me pause for a minute. Here at B-Side Guys, we try not to prescribe to a certain genre when picking out who we want to feature on the show, but obviously what styles of music we enjoy reflects what we feature on the blog. As a big singer-songwriter fan, I always listen to the song a few times to decide if it’s just something that I enjoy, or is something that objectively has something to offer people no matter what they listen to. This song has a story for everyone.

Nick Ralg has a vulnerable voice that sings this song like only a person who’s been through this situation before can sing it. You feel the emotion dripping from every word as he tells this ghost of a past love that even though he imagined them happy together in this town with the 2.5 kids and the white picket fence, but if she isn’t happy, she needs to go find her happiness. That’s honestly what love is. It’s more than butterflies and googly eyes; it’s sacrificing your happiness for theirs.

A tough song to write, Nick lays out his life so that everyone can see, and brings together a song that showcases his unique timbre and his unfortunate situation in perfect harmony.

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