Mid-Day Music Blast: Joe P the MC – “MF boomin”


Alright, you nice and awake? Warmed up and ready to take on the rest of the day? Get it started right with Joe P the MC. If it doesn’t make you open your mouth a few times at the word play, and inspire you to grind through the rest of your work so you can get to your passions, I don’t know what will. I’m trying to decide if the name of the song is a nod to MF Doom, the best rapper no one has heard of. And if so, maybe we can add Joe P to that list.

 Stream free samples of the album here, or on SoundCloud!

There are so many good moments in the song, references to kids on Xans, discussion of villainy, philosophy about the meaning of certain “no-no” words, but I have to think the hook is what I’ll leave you with:

“Movement in the music

is the way to free your mind dude

shine a light for guidance

from inside you to ignite you”


That’s really what all of this is about right? Creating art with your inside light, in the way that only you can. Hopefully this inspires you to share a little of yours too.


Find more Joe P the MC on Spotify here. 

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The Morning Commute: Serve Somebody

We have gotten to a point where we have so many amazing submissions to the blog and show that we are creating new things to share them. The Morning Commute is the newest addition to the website, and Duets and Stuff fully embody what we are trying to do with this addition. We want to give you something fun, upbeat, and energetic, or at the very least, something that makes you feel happy.

From the opening drums, this song puts you in the right frame of mind to destroy your day… by serving somebody. Greta has a voice that immediately makes you feel warm and attentive, and backed by the staccato (what sounds like some sort of) xylophone (but is probably some kind of keyboard or pad), the music melds perfectly with Greta’s voice.

This Swedish dream pop group is definitely going to help you get your day started off right. Listen to it a couple of times to truly appreciate what they have going on here. We had to. If everyone listened to “Serve Somebody” on their morning commute, more people would be smiling on the subway, and there would be a lot more selflessness.

Spotify link