Mid-Day Music Blast: Joe P the MC – “MF boomin”


Alright, you nice and awake? Warmed up and ready to take on the rest of the day? Get it started right with Joe P the MC. If it doesn’t make you open your mouth a few times at the word play, and inspire you to grind through the rest of your work so you can get to your passions, I don’t know what will. I’m trying to decide if the name of the song is a nod to MF Doom, the best rapper no one has heard of. And if so, maybe we can add Joe P to that list.

 Stream free samples of the album here, or on SoundCloud!

There are so many good moments in the song, references to kids on Xans, discussion of villainy, philosophy about the meaning of certain “no-no” words, but I have to think the hook is what I’ll leave you with:

“Movement in the music

is the way to free your mind dude

shine a light for guidance

from inside you to ignite you”


That’s really what all of this is about right? Creating art with your inside light, in the way that only you can. Hopefully this inspires you to share a little of yours too.


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Morning Commute: Moonlight Breakfast – “Bonjour”

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Get ready to wake up, and dance around (responsibly) in your car with our Morning Commute song. If you are expecting me to break down the lyrics like I usually do, I only took French 1 in high school. I know Bonjour means Hello, and this song is a hello enough for me. Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with music that I can’t necessarily understand, but sounds amazing. I think it mostly stems from Season 2 of Master of None, where I fell in love with some of the Italian music they played, and it’s continued on to now with Moonlight Breakfast.


The really interesting thing, is that Moonlight Breakfast doesn’t usually sing in French either, which I would’ve never guessed. (not that I’m an expert)

From their press release:

“Picture the sunshine on your face in the morning. Cartoon birds singing around you as you get ready for the perfect day. Sounds like waking up in a musical. That’s pretty much how this song will make you feel.

‘We are really excited to release the only song we wrote in French. We had so much fun recording it.  We hope you have just as much fun dancing to it!'”

I know I’ve been dancing all morning to it, what about you guys?


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