Mid Day Music Blast: Elea Calvet “Trigger”

We are back with Elea Calvet with the voice so nice we had to share it twice. I love all the styles that she mixes in both tracks we’ve shared. If you’re looking for the other one, check that out here. This one in particularly has some really excellent guitar riffs that she mirrors nicely with her vocals. I also really dug into these lyrics a little deeper than the other track.

“I think there’s a trigger I pulled without knowing
And I’m watching the splendour slowly turn to nothing ”

I feel like that lyric in particularly, that starts the song, and gets repeated several times, really feels relatable. We have all these moments where we make decisions that we don’t realize until much later how momentous they actually were, and oftentimes how hurtful to ourselves they actually were, like a loaded gun.

“Don’t try to tell me I misunderstood
‘Cause the words that drip off your lips for show
Are like murder telling you to ask for more

Under dimmed out lights, silhouettes turn
It’s not a goodbye I can’t stand the burn

Cause I, should’ve shot you down
Right when I could”

This mistake seems to be romantically based, and ironically the “trigger” that was so destructive was not pulling the “trigger” to get rid of this person sooner. All and all, another really great track from Elea that deserves multiple listens.

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TOTD: Elea Calvet “Lust”

Elea Calvet at once sounds like something I’ve heard before, and something completely unique. I hear elements of Tom Waits and Patti Smith from the past, but I also hear someone like Lana Del Rey from the present, with a nice mix of a style and vocalization that only Elea can call her own. Now here’s the crazy part, she’s just one year removed from high school! Yup, that voice that has the confidence of someone who’s been belting for several albums, is just getting started. I also think her lyrics simultaneously show her youthful worldview, while sounding more mature than her age:

“My head is aching
It keeps on spinning
And I’d like to understand
What is is that commands
Us to throw ourselves into the quicksand
Put our thoughts on hold
Just to believe it’s worth the fall”

I’d like to understand that too Elea.

If you love this song, don’t worry, we have more Elea coming this weekend.

I think Elea’s press release says a lot more about her than I ever can, and I can’t wait what continues to spawn out of a mixture of Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Bukowski, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan:

Elea Calvet has announced the release her debut single ‘Lust’; an electrifying and mesmerising track. Splashed with moody guitar, it describes the internal battle between temptation and sensibility. Her style doesn’t hold back, with lyrics howled, harrowing and raw.

19 year old Elea taps into music’s emotive foundations with elements of Tom Waits & Patti Smith reminiscent in her lyrical style. Born in Canada & raised in India, Elea has found her feet in the UK, where she has became a key part of Bristol’s creative hub and set about forming a solid base for her music career. As a child Elea found refuge in poetry and creative writing, influenced by the written work of Bukowski, Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan.


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