Weeknight Wrap Up: Drea Lake, Hotel of the Laughing Tree, Scott Candlish, Sorcha McCarthy, Amelie Patterson, Kellie Baker, Dave Tate, Interurban, Blackfoot Daisy, and Aimless Wave

Welcome to the “Weeknight Wrap-Up,” the go-to place for music lovers on B-Side Guys! We understand how the rhythm of a week can be a tumultuous symphony, transitioning from the gentle harmonies of the weekend to the bombastic crescendo of Monday and eventually decrescendoing into the steady hum of the weekdays. That’s why we’ve curated a unique mix of tunes to accompany your journey, from the hopeful start to the tranquil culmination. From fresh finds to timeless classics, we aim to provide a diverse soundtrack that resonates with each day’s tempo, helping you transition smoothly through the week while discovering new melodies to love. So sit back, tune in, and let the music be the perfect wrap up to your day, carrying you through the week with a spring in your step and a song in your heart.

Drea Lake – “Dreaming Peacefully”

“Dreaming Peacefully” by Drea Lake comes as a serene breath of fresh air, a tribute to lost innocence recaptured through the lens of friendship and memory. Evoking the musical styles of Dodie, Paul Simon, and Ani Difranco, the track infuses pop-folk tendencies with modern vocalization, skillfully threaded together by the acoustic strings and Drea’s lyrical craft. The song meanders through the undercurrents of life, painting a hopeful tableau with its melodic color palette that reflects Drea’s deep-rooted connection with the natural world, a distinctive characteristic of Canadian music artists.

Lake’s pristine vocal performance works as an anchor in the serene acoustic landscape crafted by producer and guitarist Antoine Dufour, known for his virtuoso fingerstyle playing. “Dreaming Peacefully” is a poignant exploration of human resilience, transforming a personal anecdote of rekindled friendship and contrasted life trajectories into a universally relatable narrative. The song’s gentle allure, combined with its introspective lyrical content, positions Lake alongside luminary artists like Joni Mitchell and Bruce Cockburn, capable of casting a captivating musical spell. As a precursor to a potential full EP or album, “Dreaming Peacefully” promises Drea Lake’s continued trajectory towards personal and artistic growth, leaving listeners yearning for more of her enchanting musical narratives.

Hotel of the Laughing Tree – “Ducks in the Flood”

“Ducks in the Flood” by Hotel of the Laughing Tree is a vibrant leap into a universe of neon-soaked nostalgia wrapped in the fabric of modern indie rock. Propelled by a throbbing bassline, smoky synths, and a melody that refuses to be anything less than powerful and catchy, the song exudes an infectious vitality. It channels a spirited resilience, an anthem of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, masterfully pairing this triumphant spirit with a sonic palette that calls out to be blasted through your speakers.

The New York-based band, comprised of AJ Estrada, Brandon Peterson, and Jonathon Streker, infuse the song with their shared passion for storytelling and love of melodies. The lyric, “Like diamonds in the water, falling from above / Now you’re the only one who’s not having fun / Cause everything here reminds me of you,” effectively captures this ethos, giving listeners a nostalgic picture wrapped in modern, catchy indie rock. Their commitment to melody takes center stage, bolstered by dynamic riffs and lush soundscapes that never overshadow the song itself. With references to personal memories and universally relatable sentiments, “Ducks in the Flood” serves as an engaging teaser to their fifth full-length album, which was recently released, demonstrating Hotel of the Laughing Tree’s ability to craft resonant tunes that reverberate long after the song ends.

Scott Candlish – “New Day”

Scott Candlish’s “New Day” is a testament to the transformative power of honest, intimate storytelling. The Melbourne-based artist, known for weaving deeply personal narratives into his indie-folk and rock soundscapes, presents a single that deals with hitting rock bottom but offers glimmers of hope amidst the struggle. Compared to his previous melancholic tracks “Forever in the Dark” and “Blue,” “New Day” stands out with its brighter, more optimistic tone. With its acoustic fingerstyle and harmony layering used in an upbeat fashion, it delivers an appealing contrast that showcases Candlish’s versatile musical palette.

Candlish’s authentic portrayal of vulnerability and his open discussion about mental health resonate deeply within “New Day.” His recognizable falsetto pairs beautifully with intricate fingerstyle playing, creating a raw and emotive soundscape that reflects the innermost corners of his soul. His sincerity and ability to express emotional complexity through music is a testament to his growing reputation, both with fans and within the industry. Following recognition for “Forever In The Dark” as song of the year by Real Songwriters of Melbourne and numerous features on independent playlists, “New Day” is another powerful addition to Candlish’s already impressive catalogue. Its upbeat essence and hopeful undertones reinforce his ability to convey personal experience through universal, relatable music, furthering his place as a poignant voice in indie-folk and rock.

Sorcha McCarthy – “Rings”

Sorcha McCarthy’s “Rings” unravels as a melodic introspection on repetition, rejection, and resilience. The song’s lyrics delve into emotional patterns of giving in to desire, despite being aware of its potential negative impact. McCarthy, an Irish artist living in England, displays her knack for capturing universal experiences in these lyrics, nodding to her past as an ‘unabashed emo kid’ and navigating contemporary experiences of love, loss, and self-questioning. The lyrics resonate deeply with anyone who has struggled with unrequited love or the incessant pull of an unhealthy relationship.

“Rings” is notable for its raw honesty and its adept depiction of an internal battle between reason and desire. The repeated word “Again” serves as a stark reminder of recurring patterns, and the starkness of lyrics like “Could my resolve still fall away again” and “You’re calling out my name again” captures the cycle of giving in to an irresistible pull. The song’s bridge, in which McCarthy beautifully personifies an idealized version of a person in her mind, hits particularly hard. In this imagined interaction, it is revealed that the wearer changes to please another, implying a loss of self in the process, a notion that’s as powerful as it is poignant. Overall, Sorcha McCarthy’s “Rings” is a brutally candid exploration of the human heart’s complexities, demonstrating her emotive power and her skill in drawing listeners into her deeply personal narrative.

Amelie Patterson – “The War”

Amelie Patterson’s latest single, “The War,” serves as an emotional beacon, a sonic lighthouse guiding listeners through the tumultuous seas of mental health struggles. Hailing from Western Canada, Patterson’s keen ability to blend folk roots with indie-rock and alt-pop sensibilities permeates this deeply personal anthem about invisible battles and the power of love and support. “The War” is a masterclass in emotional storytelling. Its poignant narrative revolves around the helplessness of watching a loved one grappling with mental illness, underpinned by the sobering reminder that the resolve to confront it must come from within. Patterson’s lyrics are more than just words – they are heartfelt pleas and promises of unwavering solidarity, delivering a song both deeply intimate and universally relatable.

Recorded in Calgary with producer Will MacLellan, the track features a tender vocal performance that beautifully embodies the raw vulnerability of its theme. The song’s nostalgic guitar tones and dynamic rhythm provide a comforting embrace, accentuating the depth of emotion conveyed by Patterson’s lyrics. The instrumentation resonates with an organic feel, a tribute to Patterson’s craftsmanship and her collaborative efforts with long-time partners Barry Mason, Carson Gant, and Kyle Tenove.

Drawing parallels to esteemed artists like Brandi Carlile, Laura Marling, and Soccer Mommy, “The War” reaffirms Patterson’s standing as a leading voice in contemporary folk. Her artistry shines through each word and note, bearing testament to her reputation as a compelling songwriter and a compassionate community builder. With “The War,” Patterson invites listeners into a shared space of empathy and connection, a testament to her ability to “walk you hand in hand through the human condition”. This powerful anthem underscores her unique ability to craft songs that resonate deeply, embracing the shared human experience in all its complexity.

Kellie Baker – “Blood on the Nile”

“Blood on the Nile” is an alluring sonic journey from Kellie Baker, drawing listeners into a world that seamlessly fuses the soulful grit of blues-rock with the emotive depth of soul. From the first notes of the walking bassline and the braying organ, one can’t help but be captivated by the rich, sensuous rhythm that sets the stage for the impending musical drama.

Kellie’s voice is a highlight, simultaneously delivering melismatic finesse and smoldering melancholy that breathe life into the lyrics. The vocal harmonies radiate with an undeniable glow, weaving a sonic tapestry that reflects echoes of her inspirations: the fierce determination of Bonnie Raitt, the raw intensity of Chris Cornell, the emotive depth of Susan Tedeschi, and the vibrant soul of Aretha Franklin.

The masterfully orchestrated dynamics of the song further amplify its emotional resonance. The mournful cry of the steel guitar, the resonant organ tones, and the exquisite guitar solo, all come together to infuse the song with an ebb and flow of emotional shadows. The track’s energy crescendos into a wall-of-sound finale as Kellie’s voice soars, demonstrating an intoxicating blend of power and control that leaves a lasting impression. “Blood on the Nile” is not merely a song; it is a musical journey that traverses through the diverse landscapes of blues-rock and soul, showcasing Kellie Baker’s extraordinary talent and musical depth.

Dave Tate – “This Moment” feat. Hilary Watson

On his newest single “This Moment,” Dave Tate offers a powerful reflection on life’s transient nature, fueled by personal experiences and deep emotional ties. Conceived on the day of his grandfather’s passing, the track encapsulates the fullness of life, traversing through its various stages and evolutions with the earnestness of a heartfelt memoir. Anchored in Tate’s soulful blend of dynamic acoustic guitar, “This Moment” represents the tender junctures of life, evoking echoes of artists such as Jeff Buckley and Paul Simon in its intimate lyrical narrative and mesmerizing vocal performance.

Tate’s mastery in songwriting, coupled with his deep connection to his red rock desert origins, underscores the tapestry of emotions that is “This Moment.” His profound connection to the environment — a recurrent inspiration in his music — injects the track with a palpable sense of place and serenity. With a unique blend of alternative, acoustic rock, and adult contemporary elements, this song displays the same stylistic experimentation evident throughout Tate’s forthcoming album, “The Adventure.” Simultaneously intimate and expansive, “This Moment” is an auditory testament to the essence of Dave Tate — an artist who unflinchingly delves into life’s complexities while retaining a grounded, heartfelt authenticity. It’s a deeply moving exploration of love, loss, and the inevitable passage of time that beautifully manifests Tate’s unique sonic signature.

Interurban – “Zavaros – Murky”

“Zavaros – Murky” is the ambitious new offering from Interurban, taking listeners on a fascinating journey through the shadowy corners of trip-hop and Hungarian folk music. This bold fusion of genres results in a compelling soundscape that skillfully weaves everyday sounds into a rich tapestry of rhythm and melody. The experimental foray provides an atmospheric backdrop for the probing lyrics about a lover unwilling to acknowledge the changing seasons of love. It’s a daring step for the electronic outfit, and the shift towards a heavier use of vocals only serves to underscore the emotional urgency of the track.

Interurban’s ability to skillfully merge drum and bass, breakbeat, and Hungarian folk music into their unique sonic identity is on full display with “Zavaros – Murky.” The group’s knack for smashing through genre boundaries echoes their chosen name, acting as the “connection train” between the traditional and the contemporary, the rural and the urban. This latest offering takes their mission a step further, serving as a vibrant testament to the endless possibilities when old and new worlds collide. Through its haunting rhythm and poignant lyrics, “Zavaros – Murky” emerges as a thrilling demonstration of Interurban’s commitment to breathing new life into Hungarian folk music and bringing it into the modern age.

Blackfoot Daisy – “Nowhere, Oklahoma”

“Nowhere, Oklahoma,” the latest release from Blackfoot Daisy, is a paradoxical fusion of sunny Americana tones and somber narrative that hooks the listener from the opening notes. The track navigates a tragic tale of gun violence and conspiracy theories, delivered from the perspective of a desperate shooter on the brink. The upbeat instrumental contrasts sharply with the sobering story, creating a chillingly giddy portrayal of a person spiraling out of control. Inspired by an ordinary snapshot of a truck parked in front of a convenience store in Nowhere, Oklahoma, the song excels in transforming a simple image into a profound commentary on darker aspects of society.

Blackfoot Daisy, named after the resilient wildflowers of Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, continues to demonstrate their durability and adaptability with this release. The band, consisting of songwriters Don Sechelski and Wendy DuMond, and multi-instrumentalist Jim Kirkland, has grown into a potent force in the Americana music scene since its formation in 2012. Their Atlanta-based sound carries an echo of the prairies – a spectral layer of shifting tall grasses, cricket calls, and distant train whistles – that weaves through their tracks and lends a haunting depth to their work. “Nowhere, Oklahoma” encapsulates the band’s captivating style, their mastery of narrative songwriting, and their unique ability to intertwine harsh realities with the quintessential Americana aesthetic.

Aimless Wave – “Realms In Motion”

“Realms In Motion,” the newest offering from Aimless Wave, plunges headfirst into the world of Psychedelic jam rock, combining a songwriter’s touch with expansive, meandering soundscapes. The song’s profound lyrics grapple with the concept of continuous motion and shifting perceptions, offering listeners an introspective journey into the “human experience” as envisioned by the band. With its vivid metaphors of oceans, spectrums, and marbles rolling across a painter’s name, the song presents an abstract world where introspection meets the inevitable motion of life. Amidst these metaphors lies an underlying plea for connection and companionship, a human touch in the midst of the ever-evolving reality.

Aimless Wave proves that their commitment to the “evolution of sound” is not merely lip service with “Realms In Motion.” They successfully merge introspective lyrics with enveloping instrumentals, creating an atmosphere that is at once soothing and thought-provoking. Their psychedelic approach doesn’t shy away from depth, using the expansive sonic playground of jam rock to delve into existential musings and the continuous pursuit of understanding. The track is both a personal exploration for the band and an invitation for listeners to join in this ongoing journey, providing a shared experience that resonates long after the song ends. As Aimless Wave continues to navigate and shape their sonic realms, their dedication to the human experience through music remains unflinchingly clear.