Album Review: Izzie Derry – Til We Reach The Sun

Emerging from the chrysalis of the indie music scene, Izzie Derry’s debut album “Til We Reach The Sun” feels like a soul laid bare, a tale spun in the midst of a transforming world. Channeling the raw, exploratory energy of artists like Fiona Apple, Laura Marling, and Alanis Morissette, Derry crafts a narrative that weaves together the intricacies of young womanhood, mapping the contours of its joys, sorrows, and fierce moments of realization.

With each of the ten tracks, clocking in at a total of 41:05, listeners are pulled into Derry’s introspective universe. This world is populated by reflections on love’s highs and lows, the struggles of self-identity, and the undying spirit to keep pushing forward, even when the path is murky.

“Try,” the album’s opener, sets the tone with its questioning nature and contemplative spirit. It serves as an invitation into Derry’s heart and mind. Followed by the visceral intensity of “Wasted Love,” which we’ve previously lauded for its raw emotional charge, the narrative begins to take shape. It’s clear that Derry isn’t one to shy away from vulnerability. She confronts pain head-on, transforming it into musical catharsis.

“Broken And Used” and “Young And Free” further this theme. They act as yin and yang, touching on the duality of innocence lost and the wisdom gained from heartbreaks and missteps. “I Don’t Know Why” is a poignant reflection, drenched in a haunting melancholy that feels like a late-night conversation with oneself, questioning the universe’s intentions.

But it’s not all shadow and mist. “Nothing Lasts Forever” brings a moment of epiphany, shedding light on the transient nature of feelings, relationships, and life itself. As the album progresses, tracks like “Here We Go Again” and “Shake” exude a rejuvenating energy. They feel like the early rays of dawn after a long, introspective night, signaling a new day and new beginnings.

The title track, “Till We Reach The Sun,” stands as the crescendo. It’s a sonic manifestation of the album’s journey – from the depths of uncertainty to the peaks of self-assuredness. Derry’s voice soars here, full of hope and a fierce determination, promising to break through any darkness until the light is reached.

Concluding with “Thank You,” Derry offers gratitude – to the experiences that shaped her, the lessons learned, and perhaps to the listeners who’ve accompanied her on this journey.

From South Lanes Studio to her home studio, Derry’s commitment shines. Her hands-on approach to production, paired with the expertise of the South Lanes team, culminates in a record that feels both personal and polished. The nuanced production elevates her evocative lyrics, allowing each word to breathe, each note to resonate deeply.

And while the album itself is a gem, the release event promises to be a night of enchantment. The historic Brighton Unitarian Church, with its exceptional acoustics, is set to be the crucible where music meets art. With the illustrious Chris Riddell painting the evening in strokes of his genius, the live drawings capturing each note’s essence will amplify the album’s emotional depth. Add the soulful artistry of Jacko Hooper to the mix, and you have an evening that transcends a mere album launch, becoming a celebration of art in its various forms.

To encapsulate, “Til We Reach The Sun” is not just an album; it’s an experience. It feels like a heartfelt diary entry, a series of confessions, hopes, and realizations. It’s a mirror reflecting the realities of being a young woman in today’s world, filled with challenges yet teeming with boundless potential. Through her music, Izzie Derry doesn’t just reach for the sun; she reminds us all to do the same, no matter how distant the horizon might seem.

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