New Release: Tercelvoice – “This Is Our Time”

Emerging from the versatile alt-pop soundscape is Tercelvoice’s “This Is Our Time,” a sonorous anthem, encapsulating moments that linger in the spaces between memory and present, pain and solace.

From the very first note, Tercelvoice— the brainchild of Yorkshire-born Andy Squires— evokes a certain mood reminiscent of some alt-rock greats, namely Elliott Smith and Sparklehorse. One can feel the gentle draw of Sufjan Stevens’ introspection and the indie touches reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem, all blending into a dreamy backdrop that is unmistakably the domain of Tercelvoice.

The song, titled after its impending album, “This Is Our Time,” released by Young Thugs Records, immediately transports its listeners into the serenity and complexities of the present. The lyric, “It’s a mind field, Everywhere you go,” addresses the ever-present societal issues, suggesting that while the world might be fraught with pain and troubles, it’s still very much our time. This sentiment resounds in the refrain, as Squires’s voice claims and reclaims, “This is our time.” It’s a call, an anthem, a statement.

Recording at Young Thugs Studio in York has lent the song an undeniable British aura, familiar yet fresh, while the mastering work by Adam Gonsalves in Portland infuses a sharpness that cuts right through, making every emotion palpable. It’s rare to find a track that resonates with honesty, vulnerability, and musical dexterity simultaneously.

Lyrically, lines such as “Kicking back with the ones You used to know, The parts of you You no longer view” evoke a poignant nostalgia. It’s as if Tercelvoice beckons the listener to confront their past, acknowledge their present, and embrace the uncertainty of the future.

The song’s inclusion in BBC Introducing, followed by a live session, is no surprise given its magnetism. As the track winds down, listeners are left in a reflective trance, eager to explore more of what Tercelvoice’s sophomore album will offer later this month, on the 20th of October.

In “This Is Our Time,” Tercelvoice has crafted an immersive, reflective, and mesmerizing alt-pop journey that beckons listeners to lean in, listen closer, and, most importantly, live in the now.

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