Album Review: Wide Arches – Farewell to All the Lovely Things


Wide Arches’ debut album, “Farewell to All the Lovely Things,” serves as a multi-faceted mirror reflecting both the artist Jacob Gorzhaltsan’s personal growth and the universality of human experience. In a time when many were isolated and disconnected, Gorzhaltsan reached across the void to create a rich tapestry of sound and emotion. The 12-track, 42-minute album is both a musical journey and a testament to human resilience and creativity.

The Album’s Creation and Jacob Gorzhaltsan’s Evolution

The album’s inception is as fascinating as the content itself. Recorded individually by musicians at their home studios during the pandemic, the process took Gorzhaltsan on a three-year learning curve. Studying mixing and recording, he turned limitation into creativity. This do-it-yourself attitude forms the very fabric of the album, making it a genuinely personal project. Collaborating with other talented Canadian musicians and mastering by Justin Gray adds a polished finish to this heartfelt project.

An In-Depth Look at Key Tracks

1. Pictures in the Sand:

This track showcases Gorzhaltsan’s ability to translate complex emotions into lyrical poetry. The metaphor of pictures fading in the sand is beautifully juxtaposed with the human struggle against time and change. The melody is equally mesmerizing, filled with longing and introspection.

2. Fake Smiles, Artificial Laughs:

Here, Gorzhaltsan takes a step into social commentary. This track is a cutting critique of insincerity and superficiality. The wordplay is sharp, the message is clear, and the music is perfectly aligned with the song’s subject matter, making it a standout piece on the album.

3. Roadkill Cafe:

A haunting reflection on death, existence, and the passage of time, this song adds a philosophical dimension to the album. The lyrics are deep and contemplative, supported by an arrangement that is both eerie and beautiful.

The Wider Spectrum of the Album

Other tracks also contribute to the album’s overall cohesion and emotional resonance. “Sadness Wears Her Prettiest Dress” and “Lake Scene” add to the heartbreaking emotional spectrum, while “Upside Down” and “Wasting Away” lend a quirky, tongue-in-cheek energy.

The broad array of instruments and musical textures is impressive, invoking both classic and contemporary folk influences. From the tender strings to the resonant brass, the instrumental richness adds depth and variety to the listening experience.

Emotional Connection and Lyrical Brilliance

The true genius of “Farewell to All the Lovely Things” lies in its ability to connect emotionally. Gorzhaltsan’s lyrics are not merely words but vivid images, painting pictures that speak to the heart. Whether it’s the aching nostalgia of “Lake Scene” or the lively jest of “Fake Smiles,” there is a genuine, palpable emotional connection.

The influence of renowned artists like Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan is apparent in the narrative storytelling. Yet Gorzhaltsan’s unique voice shines through, making this work undeniably his own.


“Farewell to All the Lovely Things” by Wide Arches is a true artistic triumph. It’s an album that transcends mere entertainment, providing a soulful reflection on life’s myriad complexities. The blend of lyrical depth, musical innovation, and personal authenticity is rare and refreshing.

The journey that Gorzhaltsan undertook to create this album reflects a broader human journey of overcoming adversity, embracing creativity, and seeking connection. Each track is a stepping stone, guiding the listener through various emotional landscapes.

Whether you find solace in the comforting words of “Ballerina” or feel the rebellious energy of “Upside Down,” there’s something in this album for every listener. It’s not just music; it’s a companion that offers solace, challenges thought, and celebrates the beautiful chaos that is life.

In a world often filled with noise and haste, “Farewell to All the Lovely Things” is an invitation to pause and reflect. It’s an embrace of the authentic and a celebration of human connection. An extraordinary debut by a talented artist, this album is a must-listen and a beautiful addition to the folk music landscape. It’s a farewell to superficiality and a heartfelt welcome to all that makes us human. The album doesn’t just play; it speaks, it connects, and it stays with you long after the last note has faded.

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