Album Review: MISSIO – I Am High EP

In a world saturated with quickly-consumed singles and fleeting viral moments, the Texas-based duo, MISSIO, offers a breath of fresh air with their introspective and genre-blending EP, “I Am High”. As they continue to carve out a distinct space within the contemporary musical landscape, Matthew and David unfurl a tapestry of emotions, presenting a work that resonates with authenticity and musical innovation.

The “I Am High” EP is an embodiment of MISSIO’s characteristic fusion of alternative rock, hip-hop, and electronic music. Yet, rather than merely resting on their laurels, they elevate these familiar soundscapes with fresh and innovative touches. The eclectic nature of the tracks, coupled with the duo’s unmistakable energy, creates a sonic experience that’s as immersive as it is entertaining.

Opening with “Good Vibrations”, MISSIO immediately sets the tone for the EP, encapsulating listeners in a rhythmic web of melodies and beats. The journey then gracefully transitions to “Easy”, a track that, in its title alone, showcases the laid-back vibe the duo wishes to convey, juxtaposing the heavy thematic elements present.

Tracks like “Thang Thang” featuring DEADFOOT and “Big Stacks” with Jelani Blackman lend a hip-hop edge to the project, with pulsating beats and infectious hooks that showcase MISSIO’s versatility. Their collaborative prowess is undeniable as they merge seamlessly with their featured artists, culminating in tracks that are both familiar and freshly innovative.

“Papi Chulo”, perhaps the most enigmatic track of the collection, delves into a sultry and mysterious realm, while the closing track, “I’m Coming Home”, serves as an introspective conclusion, allowing listeners a moment of reflection.

The thematic core of “I Am High” lies in the duo’s personal exploration of escapism. As MISSIO aptly elucidates, the term ‘high’ transcends mere substance abuse, encapsulating the myriad ways individuals detach from reality. This EP serves as an aural representation of this multifaceted escapism, from social media obsessions to food indulgences. It is this raw and authentic portrayal of universal human experiences that makes MISSIO’s work resonate deeply with listeners.

Tracing their journey, MISSIO has consistently evolved and reinvented their sound, from “Loner” in 2017 to “VILLAIN” in 2022. Their billion-stream accolades, prestigious performances at festivals like ACL and Lollapalooza, and recognitions from revered outlets like Billboard and Rolling Stone, all hint at their meteoric rise and their unwavering commitment to producing genuine music.

Yet, what stands out most in their recent endeavors is the thematic series that began with “I Am Sad” and now transitions to “I Am High”. This bold series tackles the gamut of human emotions, challenging listeners to confront and reflect upon their own emotional journeys. It’s an ambitious endeavor, yet if “I Am High” is any indication, MISSIO is more than capable of achieving their artistic vision.

To sum it up, MISSIO’s “I Am High” EP is not just a collection of tracks but a holistic experience. It’s an invitation to confront our daily vices, to dance in the face of adversity, and to find solace in music. As MISSIO continues to release their series of emotion-centered EPs, they solidify their status not just as musical artists but as keen observers and chroniclers of the human experience. One can only eagerly await what emotional landscape they’ll traverse next.

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