Album Review – Black Sea Storm: İsmimi Bulutlardan Aldım

Black Sea Storm’s latest offering, “İsmimi Bulutlardan Aldım” (translating to “I was named after the clouds”), is an album of nomadic wonder and creative experimentation, one that carries the listener on a journey through the sprawling landscapes of Mexico, where it was entirely crafted. This album is more than just a collection of songs; it’s an adventurous narrative of musical discovery.

The creation of “İsmimi Bulutlardan Aldım” occurred across various locations in Mexico: Monterrey, Culiacán, Mazatlán, Guadalajara, Hermosillo, and Querétaro. The challenge set by Black Sea Storm was to create a record that sounded like a full rock band while on the road, armed only with limited musical equipment. Led by founder Ali Deniz Ozkan, the band embraced this limitation, finding within it an expansive creative freedom.

A Journey through Sound

The music’s nomadic nature resonates with the title’s ethereal connection to the clouds. It posits a theory where music comes from the universe itself, traveling into the musician’s subconscious before manifesting into sound. Such travel isn’t limited to physical landscapes but also dives into the soul, connecting both the internal and external worlds. This album, recorded on the go, encapsulates that exciting ongoing adventure.

Given the limited instruments – primarily an acoustic guitar and an SM 57 mic – the album has an intimate acoustic progressive rock sound. The organic creation process, where all the song backbones were simultaneously written and layered, echoes the natural growth of vegetation. This horizontal method of writing and recording adds a texture that is both unified and diverse.

Evocative Tracks

Each track of “İsmimi Bulutlardan Aldım” plays like a chapter in a well-constructed novel. While it might be brief in listening length, it is profoundly dense in its thematic and sonic exploration. The guitar works as the emotional backbone, guiding listeners through landscapes of reflection and excitement. From the haunting melodies of “Kirli Duman” to the rhythmic intensity of “Denizatlı Kovboy,” each track offers an exploration of the band’s experimental edge.

There is a sense of intentional limitation embraced by Black Sea Storm. More material was left out than was kept on the album, leaning towards what genuinely excited them musically. It’s an approach that imbues the album with a sense of purpose and urgency.

A Nomadic Legacy

Black Sea Storm’s journey is as fascinating as the album itself. Started as a side project in 2002 near the Mexican border in San Diego, California, it remained a recording project for several years. The nomadic lifestyle embraced in 2018 infuses the music with an authentic wandering spirit.

The band’s performances across Latin America and Türkiye enrich the sound with a multicultural vibrancy. Ali Deniz Ozkan’s rich rock career, sharing the stage with artists such as Mogwai and Royal Trux, is clearly reflected in the mature craftsmanship of this album.


“Ismimi Bulutlardan Aldım” is a testament to Black Sea Storm’s artistic evolution. It celebrates the power of minimalism and the organic growth of music, likening it to the natural world. The album’s nomadic creation is not merely a gimmick but a genuine approach that infuses the music with an authenticity and vigor that is palpable.

From the subtle interplay of the acoustic guitar to the philosophical undertones in its title and thematic content, it’s an album that asks us to reflect on the universality of music and our connection to the world around us. It’s an exploration that feels deeply personal yet wholly universal. Black Sea Storm has indeed named this album after the clouds, capturing their transient and formless beauty in a musical tapestry that invites listeners to embark on a unique journey of self-discovery and worldly adventure.

For fans of progressive rock with a penchant for philosophical introspection and sonic exploration, “İsmimi Bulutlardan Aldım” offers a concise yet profound experience that is bound to resonate long after its 23-minute run time concludes. It’s a daring experiment that succeeds with a grace and a fierceness that only a band as seasoned and adventurous as Black Sea Storm could achieve. The clouds may be ever-changing, but this album feels like a lasting imprint on the musical landscape.

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