Album Review – Alena Ciera – All In My Head EP

Brimming with infectious energy, Alena Ciera’s “All In My Head” EP strikes a poignant chord in the electro-pop genre. A soulful exploration of human emotions set against a backdrop of ethereal electronic sounds and mesmerizing melodies, the EP stands out as a testament to Ciera’s musical prowess. Released on July 21, 2023, this five-track, 16-minute 34-second sonic journey reflects the Washington D.C.-based pop artist and guitarist’s extraordinary songwriting talent and performance panache.

The EP opens with the title track, “All In My Head,” an indie-pop number teeming with catchy vocal melodies that sweep over the listener. The snappy drum rhythms create an addictive energy, blending perfectly with intricate guitar work and soft synth textures. Ciera’s voice weaves a rhythmic tapestry that lingers in the mind, setting a high bar for the tracks to follow.

“Change Your Mind,” comes next, displaying a captivating pop sound with bright vocal melodies and warm piano-driven instrumentation, all wrapped in gently buzzing synths. Ciera’s impressive vocal range is highlighted, alongside her knack for crafting engaging melodies that strike a chord with listeners.

Taking a step towards a more introspective pace, “Somebody To Love” engulfs the listener in an atmospheric sonic realm highlighted by soft percussive shots. Ciera’s alluring vocals seem to float above the musical arrangement, and her poignant lyricism resonates, speaking volumes of her ability to delve into the complexities of human emotion.

The penultimate track, “What You Want,” is a playful pop anthem, oozing with energy and rhythm. The track encapsulates Ciera’s remarkable ability to infuse her music with joy, resulting in a song that inevitably gets stuck in your head and leaves you reaching for the replay button.

The EP concludes with “In Your Feelings,” a superb finale showcasing Ciera’s enduring pop songwriting skills and exquisite vocal prowess. This disco-inflected track, punctuated with punchy beats, is an engaging end to a collection that resonates with positivity and authenticity.

Throughout “All In My Head,” Alena Ciera has masterfully blended a variety of musical elements, resulting in a unique, enthralling sonic landscape that stands out in today’s pop music scene. Each track offers a unique aspect, yet they all share a common thread of celebrating life, emotions, and the transformative power of uplifting music.

Having already collaborated and performed with renowned artists like David Byrne’s American Utopia, Yolanda Adams, and Cee Lo Green, Ciera has demonstrated her immense talent and potential. As she continues to strive for her goal of becoming a national Grammy recording artist, “All In My Head” is an exceptional testament to her abilities. The EP is a must-listen for anyone seeking to embark on a musical journey that is both refreshing and emotionally stirring, showcasing Alena Ciera’s captivating talent as a rising pop artist.

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