Album Review: Estrada – Public Secret EP

Estrada’s highly anticipated debut EP, Public Secret, is an evocative journey that takes listeners through the enthralling expanse of nostalgia, hope, and vulnerability. Spanning a lean yet impactful nineteen minutes over six tracks, the EP delves into Estrada’s signature #foogaze sound, which he’s innovatively crafted as a homage to the 90s genre Shoegaze, and it has been magnificently capturing the hearts of his followers on social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. By giving audiences a peek into his creative process and offering them a sense of belonging in a typically underrepresented community of Indie/Shoegaze/Dark Wave music fans, Estrada has managed to craft a unique brand and ethos that extends far beyond the music itself.

The album sets the tone with Estrada’s established viral classics, which seamlessly blend with his new sounds to create a dreamscape that exudes an inviting warmth of familiarity while pushing the boundaries of his chosen genre. The balance between the old and the new, familiarity and the exploration, creates a harmonious dichotomy that captures the very essence of Estrada’s artistry. Each track is an immersive experience, enveloping the listener in a blanket of sonic comfort that beckons with familiarity while whisking them off on a journey of emotional exploration.

The focus track “Floating” encapsulates the EP’s overall mood – a blend of fear, hope, and quiet determination. It evokes the feeling of being adrift in the open sea, a sense of solitary confinement that’s as freeing as it is daunting. The track is drenched in glistening guitar tones and heavy drums, a perfect homage to the delicate, ambient sounds of Shoegaze. The lyrical theme of survival and hope in the face of uncertainty is a universal sentiment, making the song a compelling emotional touchstone for listeners across the board.

Estrada’s voice on the EP bears the weight of introspective solitude, mirroring the rich, layered textures of his instrumentals. His voice often dances around in the mix, with layers of fuzzed-out guitars and haunting reverb forming an ethereal backdrop to his meditative lyricism. There’s a sense of delicate vulnerability throughout the EP, with Estrada inviting his listeners into his deeply personal realm of thoughts and feelings, creating an intimately shared experience.

The production value of the EP is a testament to Estrada’s creative prowess. He skillfully marries the warm, fuzzy elements of Shoegaze with the crisp, expansive sonic palette of modern alternative music. The album’s mix is a beautifully constructed cacophony, a controlled chaos that never feels overwhelming but rather delivers an immersive, lush soundscape.

Throughout the EP, Estrada artfully blends his introspective lyrics with beautifully melancholic instrumentation, creating a sonic narrative that hits all the right emotional chords. He provides a fresh perspective on the Shoegaze genre, demonstrating a fine-tuned understanding of its core principles while adding his unique spin on it.

In summary, Public Secret is an impressive debut that establishes Estrada as an exciting new voice in the realm of Shoegaze and indie music. He shows a level of ambition and experimentation that bodes well for his future projects. The EP resonates with the listener long after the final note, making it a compelling first offering that’s full of promise. It’s a testament to Estrada’s ability to turn his personal experiences into a shared emotional journey, wrapped up in a package of atmospheric, enveloping music. As Estrada continues to introduce GenZers to his unique #foogaze sound, we can only wait in anticipation to see how this exciting artist will continue to evolve and shape the musical landscape.

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