More New Music on Labor Day Weekend: Aaron B. Thompson and Scoop Monty

Hello loyal readers. Just wanted to share a couple more new tracks for you that we didn’t get to for New Music Friday. Check them out below.


Aaron B. Thompson – “Pulse”


You may recognize Aaron B. Thompson from our podcast episode on Addiction.

I know that was one of my favorites. Now, he’s back with an amazing new song called “Pulse.” It has a little bit of a different feel from the last one, this time with some electronic sort of feels to it, but as always, it has Aaron’s beautiful voice, and thoughtful lyrics. As someone who has seen some struggles, but made it through to a beautiful family life, Aaron’s songs seem to hit on relationships, their fragility, and their beauty. This song was inspired by a recent scare they had with their unborn child. The “pulse” being referred to is the initial lack of one at a doctors visit. Thankfully, they eventually did, and that heartbeat, which he was able to record, is part of the backing of this track. It’s so good to hear from Aaron again; I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

Scoop Monty – “Only Once or Twice”

The second song is a really interesting look into experiences that change you as a person. Those moments in life that you can point back to as definitive cornerstones in your development. The chorus has a fun play on this growth when it says, “From a boy to a full grown dragon, from a boy to a man.” I also really love the use of background vocals in this song, sometimes they are chopped in, sometimes they are clean, but they work in every instance. This song has everything I want. Intriguing lyrics, interesting instrumentals, and a brief solo (2:20 or so).


We’ve added both of these songs to our new playlist for the month of September. Check that out here.

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