Mid Day Music Blast: Ghost For A Day “Turn Around”

Sometimes you just need something straightforward for the morning commute to work. Ghost For A Day brings you that with their new song, Turn Around. Some people confuse straightforward as being negative. These guys are proof that that’s not the case at all. Jimmy Eat World is a band that I would consider straightforward, and this Charlotte alternative band is Jimmy Eat World with sharper teeth.

The song starts out very much in a Jimmy Eat World style fashion with deliberate drum delivery backing up enough guitar to hold the song together while everyone focuses on the melodic lead vocals. The key to this song is the buildup though. Clocking in at over 5 minutes, Turn Around builds throughout the song, culminating in a wide open payoff from 4 minutes until the end of the song.

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If you’re looking for a song that’ll get you hooked on those melancholy vibes all day, this is the song. Sometimes you just need a good love song in your life.

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