Morning Commute: Keyiente “Why Don’t You”

Sometimes on the Morning Commute we like to get you pumped up with a headstrong jam, and sometimes we like to get introspective and use the commute as a way to figure out where you want not only the day to take you, but the future. Today, we just want to groove. It’s Friday, so let’s get the party started on the way to work this morning.

This NYC singer and songwriter has been making music since the ripe old age of seven, and it definitely shows in this reggae meets hip-hop track. Lyrically, it is exactly what you want the song to be. A track like this shouldn’t dive into problems like depression, politics, or heartbreak like so many of the songs we share. This song has one goal, and that’s to have a good time. With that goal in mind, Keyiente is the Lionel Messi of music.

“Why don’t you come, come,
and shake that bum, bum?”

Morning Commute: LV Baby “Keep Me High Up”

Every track we feature on this site is going to be something that makes our personal playlists in some fashion. There are some songs that end up making every playlist we put together, and this is one of them. Windows Down Playlist? Keep Me High Up. Smooth Brass Playlist? Keep Me High Up. Feel It In Your Soles (lyrically conscious songs to dance to)? Keep Me High Up. Funeral Pyres? Keep Me High Up. Okay… maybe not the last one, but you get the picture.


Cal the 3rd starts out with the trumpet, beckoning your attention, almost like a king is about to enter. LV Baby may not be royalty, but his voice is about as close as you get to being knighted. There are so many rappers out there who fall in line and do something safe that they know everyone will enjoy. Those guys are needed for the kingdom to succeed. They have their place, and are greatly appreciated. Then, there are guys like LV Baby. With a raspy timbre and his constantly changing cadence, he tells a story of familial struggle; from almost losing his father to an aortic dissection, to losing contact with his brother, LV Baby leaves it all out on the table. He then follows up talking about his struggles by focusing on the many blessings he has in his life. When asked about the album and his creative process, LV Baby said,

“Simply put, I poured my heart into this record. I’ve been going through a lot, but I haven’t stopped working/creating. Thank God I’ve been able to make some of my best music throughout this period in my life. This song is a happy-sad summer jam that may have saved my life.”

These are the people in the kingdom who get to kneel before the kings and queens of rap-gone-by and get to become knights. Men and women who tell real stories, try new things, and hold nothing back. If you think that this song is a one-off lyrically, go check out American Pie. Damn!

Morning Commute: PENPALS “Up to the Sky”

Flow. That’s what you need for your morning commute, and these guys have it in spades. With a distorted minimal beat to back them up, Cynic the Apache and Rapswell dig into just how much the prescribe to the idea of life outside of this planet. They believe.

With their “third eye wide open,” these guys want people (or other forms of life) to know that it really doesn’t take much to believe in life outside of this planet, and logically, all signs point to yes.


With unique flow, witty lyrics, deep meanings, and a beat that tells part of the story, PENPALS have a song here that flows in the same vein as one of my favorite MCs of all time: Eyedea.

During the MC (morning commute), we talked about MCs. The illuminati exists.

Don’t sleep on these guys. No, seriously. Get to work.


Mid-Day Music Blast: Joe P the MC – “MF boomin”


Alright, you nice and awake? Warmed up and ready to take on the rest of the day? Get it started right with Joe P the MC. If it doesn’t make you open your mouth a few times at the word play, and inspire you to grind through the rest of your work so you can get to your passions, I don’t know what will. I’m trying to decide if the name of the song is a nod to MF Doom, the best rapper no one has heard of. And if so, maybe we can add Joe P to that list.

 Stream free samples of the album here, or on SoundCloud!

There are so many good moments in the song, references to kids on Xans, discussion of villainy, philosophy about the meaning of certain “no-no” words, but I have to think the hook is what I’ll leave you with:

“Movement in the music

is the way to free your mind dude

shine a light for guidance

from inside you to ignite you”


That’s really what all of this is about right? Creating art with your inside light, in the way that only you can. Hopefully this inspires you to share a little of yours too.


Find more Joe P the MC on Spotify here. 

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Track of the Day: Room Six Eleven – “Bad Times”

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are today, but it’s almost 8 PM here in Providence and the weather is superb. I was bouncing around on which track to post today and this song just fits the mood of this beautiful scene I have in front of me. What I guess I’m saying is this song is sitting on the front porch at sunset, with a beer in hand and my dog to my right.

The beautiful horns in this song, the 70s feel that sounds like it could’ve been created in Muscle Shoals, Alabama right after Aretha Franklin’s recording session was done; there’s really so much to like about this song. Pro-Tip: Listen to the horn solo starting at 1:40 5 times in a row before moving on.

“Bad times, hard times,

all I do is sing.

Bad times, hard times,

tell me what you think.”

I think we can all use a little bit more of that attitude. So here I am after a stressful day, relaxing, and singing along. Tell me what you think. (yeah, I’m that smooth).

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Want even more Room Six Eleven? Check out this YouTube teaser for the whole EP.


Episode 13: Bad Luck

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Join the guys as they discuss race relations, economic inequality, the 1%, the law of attraction, heartless corporations, and as usual, the best new music you’ve never heard of.

Intro: Alpine Blizzard – Lie With Me (feat. Jack Fontes)
Alpineblizzard – Lie-with-me-feat-jack-fontes

Driftwood Soldier – The Tools

L.H. – “Ghetto’s Hurt”
(may have to create a spinrilla account to download)

L-h-3 – Ghettos-hurt

3. Photo Fire – Cravings…frame/1361853467

4. Hubris Rapper – Passion4Sale

5. Great Wight – “Not Black Enough”

6. Babbling April – Blighted Years

Video of the Day: FAYRO “Kumbaya”


FAYRO’S fifth single from his most recent album, Memphis. On the surface, this track may seem like just another banger, repeating the line, “Don’t come around here with that bullshit.” Breaking it down though, it seems like it gets much deeper than that.

Kumbaya, or kum ba yah, is Gullah for “come by here.” The language of Gullah was spoken by slaves in the south: South Carolina and Georgia specifically. At the start of the video, you see FAYRO attacked by a figure who looks like the rapper but is wearing a mask. After a brief altercation, the figure pulls him in, and the battle of man vs. self begins.

The song seems to be a fight between FAYRO and the person he used to be. The past is trying to get him to “come by here,” but FAYRO isn’t having any of it. The song shows a constant battle back and forth between the two, with the ultimate winner not being definitively determined. FAYRO seems to have won, but in the last few seconds of the video, we see him don the black mask of past FAYRO once again as the song closes out.

I think personally that FAYRO won at the end, but the last part where he is masked once again is a reminder that the past isn’t something we get rid of, it’s something we live with and grow from. Potential for lapses are always going to be there though. It’s a constant battle to be someone you’re proud of.


Episode 12: Innocence

The new episode is live! Hear us talk about childhood innocence, true-crime, horses and horse people, William Blake, and much more!


You can check it out here:





Show notes:

Cold Open:


Piping down the valleys wild

Piping songs of pleasant glee

On a cloud I saw a child.

And he laughing said to me.


Pipe a song about a Lamb;

So I piped with merry chear,

Piper pipe that song again—

So I piped, he wept to hear.


Drop thy pipe thy happy pipe

Sing thy songs of happy chear,

So I sung the same again

While he wept with joy to hear


Piper sit thee down and write

In a book that all may read—

So he vanish’d from my sight.

And I pluck’d a hollow reed.


And I made a rural pen,

And I stain’d the water clear,

And I wrote my happy songs

Every child may joy to hear



  • William Blake



Intro: the solstice – aquarius (spelled aquaris?)


  • Painted Forest – “Witness”


My tracks can all also be found on Spotify. Here’s the link to my artist page.


  1. podge – “falling”


IG – p0dg3


  1. ness – “niche”


I’m an 18 year old hip-hop artist from suburban Kansas City, Kansas.


My socials:


Twitter – @nessokay


Instagram (rarely use – no posts, hopefully will change soon): @tbj.wav


SoundCloud: okness


  1.  Night Season – Lark


Lark- a small ground-dwelling songbird, typically with brown streaky plumage, a crest, and elongated hind claws, and with a song that is delivered in flight.


  1. Mike_Normal – Tomorrow


Mr. Rogers Congressional hearing –


  1. When/Where – Reminders

we’re from Cleveland, OH and that we have a shows in Lakewood, OH on May 18th and June 27th.


  1. Josh Isn’t – “Take Good Care”


Episode 11: Secrets (Part 2/2)


Our new episode is live here:





Join Caleb and Seth for part 2 of Secrets. In this episode they talk relationships, Hardy Boys, snowflakes, how attractive you have to be to make art, space travel and, as always, tons of great music from undiscovered artists!

Intro: DrylllBones – Summer Sunset

Alabama Rose – Round N Round

The Enrights – Afternoons…ingle/1348118069


Clyde… – Blown (Out)…

Who_the_fuck_is_clyde – Blownout

Four in the Morning – Terrified

Voyage – Tether

DigiDara – Meditation

Jay Parade – Sirens

pedrosilva – Once

Pedrosilva – Once

Devin Santi – Temporary Solutions to Permanent Problems

Devinsanti – Temporary-solutions-to-permanent-problems


Next episode theme: Innocence