Morning Commute: PENPALS “Up to the Sky”

Flow. That’s what you need for your morning commute, and these guys have it in spades. With a distorted minimal beat to back them up, Cynic the Apache and Rapswell dig into just how much the prescribe to the idea of life outside of this planet. They believe.

With their “third eye wide open,” these guys want people (or other forms of life) to know that it really doesn’t take much to believe in life outside of this planet, and logically, all signs point to yes.


With unique flow, witty lyrics, deep meanings, and a beat that tells part of the story, PENPALS have a song here that flows in the same vein as one of my favorite MCs of all time: Eyedea.

During the MC (morning commute), we talked about MCs. The illuminati exists.

Don’t sleep on these guys. No, seriously. Get to work.


Morning Commute: Moonlight Breakfast – “Bonjour”

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Get ready to wake up, and dance around (responsibly) in your car with our Morning Commute song. If you are expecting me to break down the lyrics like I usually do, I only took French 1 in high school. I know Bonjour means Hello, and this song is a hello enough for me. Over the past year I’ve become obsessed with music that I can’t necessarily understand, but sounds amazing. I think it mostly stems from Season 2 of Master of None, where I fell in love with some of the Italian music they played, and it’s continued on to now with Moonlight Breakfast.


The really interesting thing, is that Moonlight Breakfast doesn’t usually sing in French either, which I would’ve never guessed. (not that I’m an expert)

From their press release:

“Picture the sunshine on your face in the morning. Cartoon birds singing around you as you get ready for the perfect day. Sounds like waking up in a musical. That’s pretty much how this song will make you feel.

‘We are really excited to release the only song we wrote in French. We had so much fun recording it.  We hope you have just as much fun dancing to it!'”

I know I’ve been dancing all morning to it, what about you guys?


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Mid-Day Music Blast: The Brothers Moore “I Can Relate”

Would you be surprised if I told you there weren’t brothers with the last name Moore in The Brothers Moore?

You should be surprised if they weren’t, because that would be false advertising. Let’s be honest, in today’s society, if you can’t trust one of your new favorite bands, then who can you trust?

Billy and Bobby Moore take the reins (and the namesake) of The Brothers Moore, with Jake White and Troy Smith rounding out this Tulsa, Oklahoma indie rock band. With a sound that’s reminiscent of Kings of Leon’s “Black Thumbnail,” this band has a lot of raw power, but keeps it controlled in clearly defined lanes. You can hear that everyone, from the lead vocals and guitar, to the harmony rounds in the back, has another level they could flip to, but it would sacrifice the harmony they’ve created. It’s almost like Cyclops from the X-Men; he can absolutely level city blocks just by opening his eyes, but knows that the best way for him to work for the greater good is with his headset on and within the confines of a team setting.


The new X-Men

Look around
If you see a man on the ground
Throw him your hand and help him out
And I think that that’s what we know

It’s so wild when looking into the lyrics that these guys basically have the Mr. Rogers of indie rock songs here. Stay with me here. That’s a compliment in a major way from me. Mr. Rogers was one of the most prolific minds of his time, and the whole idea behind the man was that everyone should just be a good person, help people out, and treat everyone as equals. He famously said, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” The Brothers Moore are basically adding to that sentiment by telling their listeners to be that helper as well.

Look for ways to help today.


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Morning Commute: Michael Flynn “Professional Network”

Good morning all you beautiful people out there! I hope you are rolling into your morning peacefully and without too bad of a hangover after Memorial Day festivities. For the morning commute this morning, we wanted to give you something really fun and a little quieter (just in case sun and sound aren’t your friend this morning). Ease into your day with something truly unique. Two steps away from being an acapella track, this is something that has to be heard.

Michael Flynn, who I literally just learned lives four hours away from me, is a self-proclaimed hermit from Charleston, SC. That introverted aspect of his life is on full display in this song. With the facade of being a song about LinkedIn, he tells a story of human contact and the need to be needed. I really love songs like this because it leaves so much to the imagination. I’m going to post the lyrics, and then give you my two best working theories. Here we go.

(I’d like to add you to my professional network)

Oh I get up and make no sound

Waiting on the phone to light up

No messages found I’m ready but I don’t wanna die alone

In my home

Don’t let me cause I don’t wanna die alone

In my home

Oh I get up and make no sound

Waiting on the sun to light up

All the cold wet ground I’m ready but I don’t wanna die alone

In my home

Don’t let me cause I don’t wanna die alone

In my home

Oh I get up and make no sound

Waiting on the phone to light up

No messages found I’m ready but I don’t wanna die alone

In my home

Don’t let me cause I don’t wanna die alone

In my home

Theory 1: The first thing that came to mind, especially given the fact that he is such an introverted person, is that everyone needs someone. He’s reaching out through social media because the thought of doing it in person is crippling. It seems like he may even try to get out in the second verse, but goes back to waiting on that LinkedIn friend to show up in the last verse. Even the most introverted people need a close friend or two, and either Michael, or a character Michael knows/created hasn’t found theirs yet.

Theory 2: Something else that I kept thinking about is that maybe it’s a tongue in cheek way of saying that social media relationships are empty constructs, and he’s ready to move past that. The phone lighting up being that friendship you create online, and the messages being empty being the quality of what you can create via a social media platform. Then, in the second verse, we see him go out and realize that he’s just as scared of what real world relationships are. He is outside and he’s ready to embrace the world, and even though it’s new and challenging, he knows trying is better than dying alone in his house.

Bonus Theory: It’s just a song about LinkedIn. Either way, this is a song that challenges the listener to think about social media in a whole new light.


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Morning Commute: Freedom Baby “I Want to Give”


Good morning everyone. I hope you are waking up to a beautiful Memorial Day morning (or just a beautiful Monday morning if you’re outside of the United States). I figured for the Morning Commute on Memorial Day, we would talk a little bit about a band called Freedom Baby, and their song “I Want To Give.”

The fact that the word freedom is in the band name was completely planned, and definitely not total luck.*

This is just a normal Monday morning for the 8 piece Toronto indie rock group, but this is not a normal band. These guys have made something truly unique and special with this one.

First off, let’s get one thing out of the way. Yes, the song is almost 15 minutes long. I promise it won’t feel like that. I have listened to this song for over an hour in the past couple of days, and I love it every single time. If you aren’t sold from the very beginning with the vulnerable voice of Brianna Bordihn guiding you into your chair, holding you captive for the next 15 minutes, stick around until the 1:02 mark. If you don’t feel something at that point, you are a robot.

In what I would say are 4-5 separate acts throughout the song, a story unfolds of love, struggle, war, and heartache. The band uses their time wisely, crescendoing into cacophonous roars at times, and then brings you all the way back down to barely a whisper, creating dividers between acts but still maintaining a cohesive project better than most artists can do with a hard stop between tracks.

“And I’ll do just what I want 
Try not to fear consequence 
And try to live 
And I’ll contemplate my death 
While drawing in my final breath 
But not til then”

Existentialism is weighed in on, valuing being authentic over all else. Exploring the fact that death comes to us all, they plant seeds of self-examination in the head of the listeners. Whoever you are, be that person to the best of your ability, and try to live.

As a married man with one child and another on the way, there is also one of the most poetic lines I’ve heard in a long time in this song:

“Let our daughters look like you 
Let our sons be brave like you”

A seemingly simple message, it takes on a whole new life when you’re hoping for those same traits that you love so much about your spouse are passed down to your children.

I could go on about this song for a while, but it’s currently 3:08 am. I do want to continue this conversation though, and I’d love to do it with Freedom Baby on the podcast. Caleb has no idea I’m doing this, but I know he will be on board with this idea 100%. Our next podcast is on the theme of Creativity. I’m going to do everything I can to get Freedom Baby to do an interview with us that will go on that episode so we can talk about their creative process, the idea behind the song, and just about who they are in general.

These guys have officially joined my list of criminally underrated bands along with Ezra Bell, Tim de Vil, and Fire Chief Charlie. Enjoy your commute this morning. These guys are going to take you all the way to work (or at least 15 minutes into your commute).

*Freedom in the name of the band was definitely total luck. A Bob Ross happy accident.


TOTD: The Hunter Express “Cool”

The Hunter Express is the perfect blend of something familiar and something new. Brad Ellis’ vocals are the new part, and they are exactly what you want with new music. His voice is controlled and very precise with an amazing amount of raw emotion. The minimal instrumentation supports Brad’s voice, as do some occasional background harmonies. Everyone plays their part in making an absolutely beautiful song that is great for sunset cruising.

As summer approaches in South Carolina, this song might not keep me cool, but it’ll definitely help me relax and embrace the idea that somewhere in Melbourne, Australia, Brad is doing everything in his power to keep us all cool

Video of the Day: FAYRO “Kumbaya”


FAYRO’S fifth single from his most recent album, Memphis. On the surface, this track may seem like just another banger, repeating the line, “Don’t come around here with that bullshit.” Breaking it down though, it seems like it gets much deeper than that.

Kumbaya, or kum ba yah, is Gullah for “come by here.” The language of Gullah was spoken by slaves in the south: South Carolina and Georgia specifically. At the start of the video, you see FAYRO attacked by a figure who looks like the rapper but is wearing a mask. After a brief altercation, the figure pulls him in, and the battle of man vs. self begins.

The song seems to be a fight between FAYRO and the person he used to be. The past is trying to get him to “come by here,” but FAYRO isn’t having any of it. The song shows a constant battle back and forth between the two, with the ultimate winner not being definitively determined. FAYRO seems to have won, but in the last few seconds of the video, we see him don the black mask of past FAYRO once again as the song closes out.

I think personally that FAYRO won at the end, but the last part where he is masked once again is a reminder that the past isn’t something we get rid of, it’s something we live with and grow from. Potential for lapses are always going to be there though. It’s a constant battle to be someone you’re proud of.


Mid Day Music Blast: Aaron B. Thompson – “Middle of My Own Nowhere”


It’s Sunday Funday guys! And most of you don’t even have work tomorrow. Grab a drink, eat some brunch, recover from yesterday, and listen to this excellent song by Aaron B Thompson.

His SoundCloud page describes his new EP as: “Brand new music from Aaron B Thompson the “Dark” EP carries powerful messages of hope, the sting of regret, the welcome of change and the pain of love. The songs embody the Xennial mind set borrowing sounds from the 80s and 90s juxtaposed by modern vocals. The lyrics hold the weight and depth of reflection, set against catchy melodies and pop arrangements.”


I feel that emanating through the nostalgic lyricism that seem to both suggest a feeling of the difficulty and necessity of moving on and always moving forward. Go listen to the nice interlude around 2:45 and the ending one around 3:45 and tell me you didn’t just become a fan.


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Video of the Day: Sophia Danai “Come Thru”

If I only had one word to describe Sophia Danai’s voice, it would be the word “raw.” She has a very powerful voice, but it’s the emotive rasp that really sold me on her. The cadence and timing of her words is exceptional as well. She is what you would get if Billie Holiday was brought to 2018 and fell in love with blues riffs.

Danai says that the lyrics and the passion behind this song come from a very personal place. The words may be repetitive, but they carry so much power with them. Her message is simple, but has so much weight to it, “Even though it can be terrifying, it’s such a release to claim your space and stand your ground. That is one of the most difficult things in life for me, and that is what this song is about.”

If you are looking for raw emotion, we’ve got it for you with this track.

Morning Commute: Black Sheep



Start your Saturday morning off right with this catchy throwback track from Grandmother Corn! Isn’t Saturday really the best day to do things that may make your family think of you as the black sheep? Jam out to “Black Sheep” off Grandmother Corn’s May released album, Daphne to put yourself in the right vibes to start drinking before noon, get that new tattoo, make an irresponsible purchase, or live it up in whatever way you see fit. Black Sheep have more fun.

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Have a great Saturday guys,