This a brand new podcast started by Seth Williams and Caleb Alexander. We both have a passion for undiscovered music, and thought there might be others out there like us. Our goal is to shine a light on little known artists in a way that is mutually beneficial for our audience and the bands featured.

Our Gear:

blue yeti
Get Your Blue Yeti

Sure, there are more expensive microphones. There are cheaper microphones. This is the best of both worlds by mixing value with a quality and professional sound.

Get Your Audio Technica Headphones

This is where you may want to splurge a little. Whether you go with their $50 headphones or their $150 headphones, Audio Technica is the industry standard.

Get Your Macbook Here

We both use Macbooks for our recordings, but they aren’t imperative. The main point with your computer and podcasting is to have the fastest processor and the most RAM that you can afford. When podcasting, you are going to need to access information that you had no idea you needed. Macs offer a more intuitive UI and can be very straightforward, making them the ideal choice for podcasters who aren’t already part of the PC master race.



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